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Antibiotic assay discs




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Description Pk VWR Catalog Number Quantity
Amoxicillin/Clavulanic Acid Aug 3 µg 250 LIOF9191
Amoxicillin Aml 10 µg 250 LIOF9133
Amoxicillin Aml 2 µg 250 LIOF9151
Amoxicillin Aml 25 µg 250 LIOF9179
Amphotericin B Amb 10 µg 250 LIOF9137
Amphotericin B Amb 20 µg 250 LIOF9071
Ampicillin Amp 10 µg 250 LIOF9006
Ampicillin Amp 2 µg 250 LIOF9115
Ampliclox (Ampicil.25+Cloxacillin5)Acl30 250 LIOF9122
Azithromycin Azm 15 µg 250 LIOF9105
Azlocillin Azl 75 µg 250 LIOF9007
Aztreonam Atm 30 µg 250 LIOF9008
Caspofungin Cas 5 µg 250 LIOF9165
Cefaclor Cec 30 µg 250 LIOF9010
Cefadroxil Cdx 30 µg 250 LIOF9052
Cefamandole Ma 30 µg 250 LIOF9014
Cefazolin Kz 30 µg 250 LIOF9015
Cefepime+Clavulanic Acid Fel 40 µg Ce 250 LIOF9143
Cefepime Fep 30 µg 250 LIOF9104
Cefixime Cfm 5 µg 250 LIOF9089
Cefoperazone Cfp 30 µg 250 LIOF9016
Cefoperazone Cfp 75 µg 250 LIOF9108
Cefoperazone Sulbactam 1:1 250 LIOF9123
Cefoperazone Sulbactam 2:1 250 LIOF9114
Cefotaxime+Clavulanic Acid Ctl 40 µg 250 LIOF9182
Cefotaxime Ctx 5 µg 250 LIOF9152
Cefotaxime Ctx 75 µg 250 LIOF9134
Cefotetan Ctt 30 µg 250 LIOF9081
Cefoxitin/Cloxacillin Foc 230 µg 250 LIOF9144
Cefoxitin Fox 30 µg 250 LIOF9018
Cefpirome Cr 30 µg 250 LIOF9185
Cefpodoxime+Clavulanic Acid Pxl 11 µg 250 LIOF9190
Cefpodoxime Px 10 µg 250 LIOF9064
Cefprozil Cpr 30 µg 250 LIOF9112
Cefsulodin Csd 30 µg 250 LIOF9053
Ceftaroline Cpt 30 µg 250 LIOF9198
Ceftaroline Cpt 5 µg 250 LIOF9195
Ceftazidime+Clavulanic Acid Cal 40 µg 250 LIOF9145
Ceftazidime Caz 10 µg 250 LIOF9153
Ceftibuten Ctb 30 µg 250 LIOF9101
Ceftizoxime Czx 30 µg 250 LIOF9054
Cefuroxime Cxm 30 µg 250 LIOF9021
Cephalothin Kf 30 µg 250 LIOF9013
Cephradine Ce 30 µg 250 LIOF9055
Chloramphenicol C 10 µg 250 LIOF9128
Chloramphenicol C 30 µg 250 LIOF9022
Cinoxacin Cin 100 µg 250 LIOF9057
Ciprofloxacina. (Cip). 5 250 LIOF9056
Clarithromycin Clr 15 µg 250 LIOF9098
Clindamycin Cd 10 µg 250 LIOF9146
Clindamycin Cd 2 µg 250 LIOF9047
Clotrimazole Clo 50 µg 250 LIOF9097
Cloxacillin Cx 5 µg 250 LIOF9058
Colistin Sulfate Cs 10 µg 250 LIOF9023
Colistin Sulfate Cs 25 µg 250 LIOF9184
Colistin Sulfate Cs 30 Iu 250 LIOF9141
Daptomycin Dap 30 µg 250 LIOF9090
Dicloxacillin Dcx 1 µg 250 LIOF9093
Doripenem Dor 10 µg 250 LIOF9154
Doxycycline Dxt 30 µg 250 LIOF9059
Econazole Ecn 10 µg 250 LIOF9072
EDTA Ed 250 LIOF9087
Ertapenem+Cloxacillin Et+Cl 250 LIOF9199
Ertapenem Etp 10 µg 250 LIOF9061
Erythromycin E 15 µg 250 LIOF9024
Fluconazole Flu 100 µg 250 LIOF9069
Fluconazole Flu 25 µg 250 LIOF9166
Flucytosine Afy 1 µg 250 LIOF9073
Flucytosine Afy 10 µg 250 LIOF9148
Fosfomycin Fos 100 µg 250 LIOF9121
Fosfomycin Fos 200 µg 250 LIOF9109
Fosfomycin Fos 50 µg 250 LIOF9025
Furazolidon Fr 50 µg 250 LIOF9099
Fusidic Acid Fc 10 µg 250 LIOF9049
Fusidic Acid Fc 30 µg 250 LIOF9111
Gatifloxacin Gat 5 µg 250 LIOF9169
Gentamicin Cn 120 µg 250 LIOF9124
Gentamicin Cn 30 µg 250 LIOF9125
Griseofulvin Agf 10 µg 250 LIOF9074
Imipenem/Cilastatin Imc 20 µg 250 LIOF9095
Imipenem+Cloxacillin Imi+Cl 250 LIOF9086
Imipenem+Edta Imd 760 µg 250 LIOF9183
Imipenem+Phenylboronic Acid Imi+Bo 250 LIOF9085
Itraconazole Itc 50 µg 250 LIOF9107
Itraconazole Itc 8 µg 250 LIOF9139
Kanamycin K 30 µg 250 LIOF9027
Ketoconazole Kca 10 µg 250 LIOF9075
Ketoconazole Kca 15 µg 250 LIOF9140
Levofloxacin Lev 5 µg 250 LIOF9102
Lincomycin My 15 µg 250 LIOF9116
Lincomycin My 2 µg 250 LIOF9028
Linezolid Lnz 10 µg 250 LIOF9155
Lomefloxacin Lom 10 µg 250 LIOF9113
Loracarbef Lor 30 µg 250 LIOF9173
Mecillinam Mec 10 µg 250 LIOF9156
Meropenem+Cloxacillin Mr+Cl 250 LIOF9175
Meropenem+Dipicolinic Acid Mr+Dp 250 LIOF9177
Meropenem+Edta Mr+Ed 250 LIOF9178
Meropenem+Phenylboronic Acid Mr+Bo 250 LIOF9176
Meropenem Mrp 10 µg 250 LIOF9068
Methicillin Met 5 µg 250 LIOF9029
Metronidazole Mtz 5 µg 250 LIOF9076
Metronidazole Mtz 50 µg 250 LIOF9119
Mezlocillin Mez 75 µg 250 LIOF9062
Miconazole Mcl 10 µg 250 LIOF9077
Miocamycin Mk 15 µg 250 LIOF9106
Moxifloxacin Mxf 5 µg 250 LIOF9103
Mupirocin Mup 200 µg 250 LIOF9157
Mupirocin Mup 5 µg 250 LIOF9189
Nafcillin Naf 1 µg 250 LIOF9174
Neomycin N 30 µg 250 LIOF9032
Netilmicin Net 10 µg 250 LIOF9170
Netilmicin Net 30 µg 250 LIOF9033
Nitrofurantoin F 100 µg 250 LIOF9158
Nitrofurantoin F 300 µg 250 LIOF9034
Nitrofurantoin F 50 µg 250 LIOF9181
Norfloxacin Nor 10 µg 250 LIOF9035
Novobiocin No 30 µg 250 LIOF9063
Novobiocin No 5 µg 250 LIOF9117
Nystatin Ny 100 Iu 250 LIOF9078
Ofloxacin Ofx 5 µg 250 LIOF9080
Oritavancin Ori 5 µg 250 LIOF9201
Oxacillin Ox 5 µg 250 LIOF9135
Oxolinic Acid Oa 2 µg 250 LIOF9002
Oxytetracycline Ot 30 µg 250 LIOF9065
Pefloxacin Pef 5 µg 250 LIOF9091
Penicillin G P 10 Iu 250 LIOF9037
Penicillin G P 1 Iu 250 LIOF9130
Penicillin G P 2Iu 250 LIOF9127
Pennicillin Discs 250 LIOF9030
Phenoxymethylpenicillin Pv 10 µg 250 LIOF9171
Pipemidic Acid Pi 20 µg 250 LIOF9003
Piperacill./Tazobactam Tzp 110 µg 250 LIOF9100
Piperacill./Tazobactam Tzp 36 µg 250 LIOF9160
Piperacillin Prl 30 µg 250 LIOF9159
Polymyxin B Pb 100 Iu 250 LIOF9066
Polymyxin B Pb 300 Iu 250 LIOF9120
Posaconazole Pos 5 250 LIOF9167
Quinupr Dalfopristin Qda 15 µg 250 LIOF9161
Rifampicin Rd 5 µg 250 LIOF9118
Rokitamycin Rok 30 µg 250 LIOF9192
Roxithromycin Rxt 15 µg 250 LIOF9060
Sisomycin Sis 30 µg 250 LIOF9046
Sodium Fusidate Fc 30 µg 250 LIOF9131
Spectinomycin Spc 100 µg 250 LIOF9067
Spiramycin Sp 100 µg 250 LIOF9088
Steriltest Gst E6 100 LIOF91100
Streptomycin S 300 µg 250 LIOF9162
Strip Control Gts E6 1 LIOF91055
Sulbactam Su 20 µg 250 LIOF9129
Sulfadiazine Suz 300 µg 250 LIOF9150
Sulfafurazole Sf 300 µg 250 LIOF9041
Sulfamethoxazole Smx 100 µg 250 LIOF9187
Sulfamethoxazole Smx 50 µg 250 LIOF9084
Sulfaprim Sxt 50 µg 250 LIOF9132
Sulfonamide S3 300 µg 250 LIOF9126
Teicoplanin Tec 30 µg 250 LIOF9050
Telithromycin Tel 15 µg 250 LIOF9172
Temocillin Tmo 30 µg 250 LIOF9186
Tiamulin T 30 µg 250 LIOF9094
Ticarcillin+Clavul.Ac. Ttc 85 µg 250 LIOF9096
Ticarcillin Tc 75 µg 250 LIOF9070
Tigecycline Tgc 15 µg 250 LIOF9147
Tobramycin Tob 10 µg 250 LIOF9044
Tobramycin Tob 30 µg 250 LIOF9163
Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole Sxt 25 µg 250 LIOF9042
Trimethoprim Tm 2.5 µg 250 LIOF9083
Trimethoprim Tm 5 µg 250 LIOF9110
Tylosin Ty 30 µg 250 LIOF9082
Vancomycin Va 30 µg 250 LIOF9045
Vancomycin Va 5 µg 250 LIOF9164
Voriconazole Vo 1µg 250 LIOF9168
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The products we supply are intended for use in accordance with the documentation and manufacturer specifications under the user’s sole responsibility. 

Products supplied by VWR cannot be used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in human or veterinary medicine because, as a distributor, VWR does not fulfil the requirements laid down in the guidelines for GMP medicinal products for human and veterinary use.

Customers using  products from VWR  in a pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticide or any other regulated application must carry out their own internal checks and controls to ensure that the items are of an appropriate quality/ grade and in compliance with their local laws and regulations (e.g. European Pharmacopoeia) etc.   Please contact VWR if you have any questions about your intended use and if the product you wish to purchase is suitable for that purpose. In no event shall VWR INTERNATIONAL be liable if a customer uses a product that does not fit with the intended application. 

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Return of Damaged or Unsuitable Goods

No goods may be returned to VWR without the authorisation of VWR.

Authorisation to return products damaged during delivery must be requested within 3 days of delivery. VWR has the right to repair and return damaged products.

Authorisation for the return of products which fail to meet current published manufacturers specifications must be requested in writing within 28 days of delivery. VWR will assist customers, at customers’ expense, to obtain any manufacturer’s warranty consistent with that granted to VWR.

Authorisation for the return of products, other than those damaged during delivery, delivered in error or those that do not meet specification, must be requested within 10 days of delivery. Credit (less a handling charge of 15% of the invoice value of all products returned subject to a minimum charge of £30) will be given for those products authorised for return which are unused and in re-saleable condition other than those in the categories shown:

  • open chemicals or diagnostics
  • refrigerated or other perishables
  • items with an expired shelf life or an expiration date too short for resale
  • any article that has been delivered direct by a third party supplier
  • discontinued items
  • items not purchased from VWR.

Authorisation will be subject to the condition that the products are returned to VWR Customer Service Centre or to the manufacturer or other source notified by VWR, by registered post if permitted, (for which VWR will supply a label) or via the VWR scheduled van service, for which a handling charge will be made for each line.

Articles that have been delivered on our behalf by a third party supplier will not be accepted back at the VWR Customer Service Centre.

Health, Safety and Liability

Risk in products will pass at the time of delivery to the customer.

The customer is responsible for unloading and transporting large and/or heavy items from delivery vans.

In view of the hazards of certain chemicals and apparatus the customer must ensure that the products purchased are in a safe condition and that a safe system of work is in place taking into account all available information. None of the products sold are intended for human consumption unless otherwise clearly stated.

In view of the wide range of uses of chemicals and apparatus, the customer will be solely responsible for determining the suitability and specification of products, services, information and advice for its purposes. VWR has the right, without notice, to supply product of different specifications, sources, and pack size to that published or ordered. The customer is required to ensure that that the use of any products supplied by VWR do not infringe third party intellectual property rights.

In view of the above, liability of VWR for any loss or damage suffered by a customer and arising by reason of defects in the products or otherwise howsoever is limited to the invoice price of the products in respect of or in relation to which loss or damage is claimed. Any liability accepted by VWR under these terms and conditions is in lieu of any warranty or condition implied by law as to the quality or fitness for any particular purpose of the products and save as provided in these terms and conditions VWR will not be under any liability, whether in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty or otherwise in respect of defects in products delivered or for any injury (other than death or personal injury caused by VWR negligence as defined in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) damage or loss resulting from such defects or from any information, service or advice provided by VWR or its employees, contractors or agents. In no event shall VWR be liable for any consequential loss whether or not resulting from force majeure. The customer indemnifies VWR against any claims from its employees, contractors or agents.

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