Filling cannulae

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MURRM712/05EA 63.4 GBP
MURRM712/05 MURRM716/06 MURRM714/03 MURRM720/06 MURRM714/08 MURRM716/08 MURRM712/03 MURRM714/05 MURRM720/03 MURRM714/06 MURRM712/08 MURRM720/08 MURRM716/03 MURRM716/05 MURRM720/05 MURRM712/06 MURRM718/05 MURRM718/08 MURRM718/03 MURRM718/06
Filling cannulae
Filling cannulae with blunt end and Luer lock fitting.

Ordering information: Different sizes and gauges are available.
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