Magnetic susceptibility balances

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Magnetic susceptibility balances
Balances and Scales
The magnetic susceptibility balance is a microprocessor controlled, state of the art balance for detecting the magnetic properties of gases, liquids and solids. Both models work on the basis of a stationary sample and moving magnets. Two pairs of magnets are placed at opposite ends of a beam making a balanced system having a magnetic field at each end. Introduction of the sample into the magnetic field attempts to deflect the beam and the movement is optically detected. A compensating force is applied by introducing a current through a coil between the other pair of magnets. The current required to maintain the original postition of the balance beam is proportional to the force exerted by the sample; and the direction that the beam (magnetic field) moves indicates whether the sample is paramagnetic or diamagnetic which is shown by a plus or minus indication on the display. The improved sensitivity, versatility and overall performance make it ideally suited for analytical applications in research laboratories and industrial quality control.

  • Truly portable
  • Efficiency and simplicity through microprocessor control
  • Diversity and versatility
  • High sensitivity and flexible input/output control

Delivery information: Balances are supplied with 2 normal sample tubes, operating manual, software and multi-head PSU. The Mk 1 model also includes a calibration standard tube. The AUTO model includes display/keyboard unit, cable, 1 large sample tube, 1 liquid sample tube (stoppered) and metal carrying case.
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