VWR®, Thermal Cyclers

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VWR®, Thermal Cyclers
PCR Cyclers
The VWR® thermal cycler family combines high quality engineering with a comprehensive range of block formats. The UNO cycler is designed around a powerful, yet easy to use, software interface, and uses the same platform for both 96-well and 384-well formats. The Doppio, with two independent high speed 48-well blocks in one system, offers the optimum solution for maximum flexibility within a minimum footprint. The Ristretto is a compact personal cycler with the highest flexibility, having a universal block that can be loaded with either 32×0,2 ml tubes or 16×0,5 ml tubes with flat caps. Because of the special design of the heated lid, the height adjusts automatically to the different tube sizes.

  • Outstanding performance: Thermal plate with impressive thermal characteristics; powerful Peltier elements with Long Life Technology; heat sink with cooling fans with magnetic bearing enabling rapid temperature change control of up to 5 °C/s (3 °C/s for Ristretto)
  • Reliable, reproducible results: 8, 2×8 or 16 Peltier elements control the temperature row by row, enabling an outstanding block homogeneity of ±0,2 °C and the choice of absolute linear gradients and independent lane control
  • Simple to use: Sharp, clear TFT display and intuitive touch screen commands
  • Data control: Up to 4× USB (1× USB Ristretto), 1× Ethernet (MS Windows®, Linux), remote control and monitoring of instruments via PC software, MP3 signal tones, user calls via email and primary/replica control

All systems include simple to use PC software for remote control and monitoring of instruments, plus creating PCR protocols on the PC.

FlexGradient technology (option for UNO and Doppio only): With the temperature of the 8 rows each individually controlled, select between a perfectly linear temperature gradient (ideal for PCR optimisation), or independent lane control (ideal for the use of different primer pairs in the same run).
System tools at the touch of a button: Graphical or tabular programming, 'Global Program Ramp', 'Gradient Control', 'Tube Control', Emulation mode, online help, 'Quickstart' function and 'Power Fail Denaturation' for auto-restart after power failure.
High specification remote control: State of the art technology, with VWR ‘PCR Cycler Master Software’; receive notifications via email, or use the system MP3 player.
Emulation mode (UNO and Doppio only): For easy transfer of PCR protocols.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001, calibrated and maintained according to NIST standards, and backed with more than 20 years of cycler expertise and experience.
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