Mag-Bind® HDQ blood and tissue DNA 96 Kit

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Mag-Bind® HDQ blood and tissue DNA 96 Kit
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The Mag-Bind® Blood and Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Kit is designed for rapid and reliable isolation of high quality genomic DNA from 100 to 200 μl blood samples, buccal swabs, buffy coat and cultured cells. All heating steps that limit robotic applications have been removed to allow for faster processing. Mag-Bind® particles HDQ provide quick magnetic response time reducing overall processing time. Utilising paramagnetic particles provides high quality DNA that is suitable for direct use in most downstream applications, such as qPCR, PCR and Next Generation Sequencing. The Mag-Bind® HDQ Blood DNA and Tissue 96 Kit is compatible with many robotic liquid handlers and magnetic processors, including Thermo Scientific KingFisher® Flex.

  • No organic extractions required
  • High quality DNA for downstream applications such as qPCR and Next Generation Sequencing
  • Rapid - no heating step required
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