Flame photometers, 420

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SHEW47542000EA 6960 GBP
SHEW47542000 SHEW47542100
Flame photometers, 420
Spectrophotometers and Spectrometers Flame Photometers
Flame photometers designed for both sodium and potassium to be calibrated, measured and displayed simultaneously. The analytical performance is improved by the use of a lithium internal standard signal, which compensates for fluctuation in flame conditions, drift and dilution errors.

  • Fully automatic ignition and flame optimisation
  • Date and time of analysis is printed at each calibration
  • Quality check and repeat samples are identified on the printout

In 'Continuous' mode, it displays the current value on each channel and through the analogue ports. An instantaneous reading can be printed at any time.

In 'Peak mode', it detects a stable reading, following sample introduction, for transfer to a printer or computer and the display is frozen until the next sample is introduced.

Delivery information: Supplied with air compressor and BlueNotes™ 420 software package.
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