Pipette tips

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VIST9026EA 54.7 GBP
VIST9026 VIST9023 VIST4025 VIST4026 VIST4060-3132 VIST2026 VIST4058-5102 VIST4060-2004 VIST4058-6102 VIST4226 VIST2027 VIST4058-6100 VIST9022 VIST4058-6000 VIST9025 VIST9048 VIST4060-3004 VIST2028 VIST4225 VIST2025 VIST9050 VIST4058-5000
Pipette tips
Pipette Tips
These tips to maximise the exceptional performance and benefits of ovation and MLA pipettes. All VistaLab pipettes are calibrated with VistaLab tips to provide a perfect fit and deliver reliable performance every time.
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