VWR®, Cover Slips, Round

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Academia / Research associate / UK
Yes, I recommend
I used these coverslips for iPS derived neurons, and the cells attached very well (I pre-treated the coverslips with poly ornithine and matrigel), I used the same protocol for other coverslips, but in this one, the cells attached better and also looks better, with more neurites. I recommend this product.
vwr.com associate Published 01/03/2022
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Museum / Scientific Associate / London, UK
Yes, I recommend
I have been using 6mm coverslips for more than 40 years (oerioginal "Chance"). Over the past few years I have noticed a severe deterioration in the quality of the coverslips, but as they appear to be the only ones currently available I have been forced to carry on using them. The coverslips vary in diameter from 5.7-6.1mm and the edges are often very ragged. In about half of the coverslips the edges are not cleanly cut but have a piece remaining from the cutting process which usually needs to be broken off with a fine pair of forceps. Sometimes this piece is quite large. Compare these with the coverslips of 20-40 years ago which were of uniform diameter and with clean cut edges. I am only recommending them because they are the only suitable 6mm coverslips available.

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VWR®, Cover Slips, Round
Cover Glasses
Made of pure white Hydrolytic Class 1 glass.

  • No bubbles or flaws
  • Cleaned and polished

Packaging: In plastic dispenser boxes with hinged lid.
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