Ductless fume hoods, Paramount®

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Ductless fume hoods, Paramount®
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Ductless Fume Hoods
Self-contained ductless enclosures allow safe handling of organic, formaldehyde, acid gas, sulphur compounds, or ammonia chemical fumes and vapours, as well as particulates. Air inside the enclosures passes through carbon filters, and in some cases additional HEPA particulate filters, before being safely exhausted back into the laboratory. No outside ducting is required.

  • Telescoping base stands adjust in seven height positions from 69,9 to 75,1 cm
  • Glacier white stands are constructed of 4,4 cm tubular epoxy-coated steel
  • Hydraulic lift base stands are adjustable to any height from 64,8 to 85,1 cm and include four powder-coated, die-cast feet with levellers
  • Feet can be replaced with casters for mobility
  • Electric hydraulic lift models include a front-accessible up/down switch and a 3,7 m three-wire cord and plug
  • Manual hydraulic lift models include front-accessible hand crank

Containment-enhancing components ensure that no vapours enter the breathing zone, providing a safe work environment. Six different stackable carbon filter types (not included) remove vapor contaminants from the air and can be combined to handle various chemicals and particulates during the same application. Placing a HEPA filter after a carbon filter provides particle-free exhaust suitable for cleanroom applications. An organic vapor sensor detects chemicals breaking through the filters, ensuring operator protection. Digital display shows airflow and filter status and touchpad controls enclosure operation.

Enclosures feature the Clean-Sweep™ air foil, upper containment sash foil, upper dilution air supply, and a slotted rear baffle that promotes horizontal laminar airflow by drawing vapours and fumes to the back of the enclosure without causing turbulence that can impede containment. Tempered safety glass front sash and sides, epoxy-coated aluminium frame, steel rear baffle and plenum provide excellent visibility, ambient light, and chemical resistance.

SoLo™ base stands with remote control are ADA- and NSF-compliant and support a maximum of 589,7 kg. Stands have a depth of 87 cm. Built-in hydraulic lift is operated by remote control providing work surface heights from 43,8 to 93,3 cm and overall enclosure height as low as 193,5 cm. The supported enclosure can be positioned for persons of different statures, wheelchair-bound users, transport through doorways, and easier access to upper components. Stands include 12,7 cm diameter, toe-locking polyurethane casters with bearings for quiet operation. Black, chemical-resistant epoxy work surfaces are dished to contain spills and contoured to fit enclosures. Stainless steel work surfaces feature a 2,5 cm deep front spill trough.

Certifications: Filters must be selected according to individual application requirements and can be stacked two deep. Only two types of filters can be used together, or both can be of the same type. Enclosure meets SEFA 1-2005, ASHRAE 110-95, and ANSI z9.5-2003 standards. CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1 compliant. UL 3101-1/61010-1 compliant. Also CE marked.

Ordering information: Base stand, work surface and filters must be ordered separately.
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