Pipette tips, Standard

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Pipette tips, Standard
Pipette Tips
These tips are manufactured under cleanroom conditions and are automatically packaged to ensure that the tips are consistently free from contamination.

  • High-purity PP, free from DiHEMDA and oleamide, manufactured without lubricants; cadmium-free pigments
  • Rack-packed pipette tips up to 1000 µl are DNA, RNases, endotoxins and ATP-free, independent of the packaging
  • Graduation for a quick volume check
  • Sterile tips and packaging are manufactured exclusively under BIO-CERT® quality certification
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285

The tips are tested for compatibility with BRAND pipettes and are suitable for use with most of the common pipettor brands including Gilson®, Thermo Scientific Finnpipette®, Eppendorf® and Sartorius. The 5 ml tip is exclusively tested for BRAND pipettes and Thermo Fisher Finnpipette®. The 10 ml tip is suitable for BRAND, Eppendorf® and Gilson®.

Bulk packaging in reclosable bags, non sterile
Tips are produced under supervised cleanroom conditions and automatically shrink wrapped in reclosable bags and packaged in cardboard boxes. The batch number is printed on every bag.

TipBox, non sterile and sterile, BIO-CERT®
Tip box for all sizes up to 1000 µl. With transparent window, hinged and push-on lid (dual function closure) and coloured tip trays, with side panel labelling. Usable with a partially loaded multi channel pipette. The 5 ml and 10 ml tips come in a corresponding round tip box for large tips.

TipRack, non sterile and sterile, BIO-CERT®
Space saving refill unit for TipBox, with environmentally compatible packaging made of recyclable PET. Compared to the filled TipBoxes, the amount of waste is reduced by 20%. Sterile racks are supplied with a transfer aid that enables simple, contamination-free transfer into a previously sterilised TipBox. All tip-trays are printed on one side with information on the contents.

TipStack™, non sterile and sterile, BIO-CERT®
Space saving refill system for 20 µl, 200 µl and 1000 µl tips consisting of a tip tower containing five filled tip trays and a TipBox. The sterile TipStacks™  (BIO-CERT®) are supplied with a transfer aid for contamination-free use in a previously sterilised TipBox. Each packaging unit contains two TipStacks™.

BIO-CERT®: These tips are made from high-quality, pure PP without any mould release agents and other additives. All lots are tested for sterility (acc. ISO 11 137 and AAMI guidelines, a SAL of 10-6 is obtained) and are certified free from endotoxins, DNA-, RNase- and ATP. Tips are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis.
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