Ultrasonic homogenisers, SONOPULS

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BAND4200EA 5580 GBP
BAND2451 BAND4200 BAND4050-CH BAND4050-GB BAND2450-GB BAND4100-CH 431-5532 BAND3665-CH 431-5501 BAND2531-GB BAND490 BAND3638 BAND4050 BAND2531 BAND2531-CH BAND486 BAND3690 BAND2451-CH BAND4100-GB BAND3690-CH BAND3665-GB BAND3609 BAND2451-GB BAND3647 BAND3634 BAND3690-GB BAND452 BAND3665 BAND4100
Ultrasonic homogenisers, SONOPULS
Homogenisers Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors
A range of ultrasonic homogenisers to meet the requirements of laboratories for cell disruption, homogenisation , deagglomeration of nano particles, product of dispersions and fine emulsions or sonochemistry.

  • AMPLICHRON® system guarantees a constant amplitude independent of changing conditions within the sample
  • Pulsation limits the temperature increase of heat sensitive samples
  • Integrated timer

The models below are designed for smalll scale work 0,5 to 50 ml for the SONOPULS mini, 20 to 2500 ml for the HD 3400.
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