Mag-Bind® Endo-Free plasmid 96 kit

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Mag-Bind® Endo-Free plasmid 96 kit
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The Mag-Bind® Endo-Free plasmid 96 kit combines the power of Mag-Bind® technology with the innovative ETR technology to deliver high quality endotoxin-free plasmid DNA in a high throughput format. By adding a quick endotoxin removal step, the Mag-Bind® Endo-Free plasmid 96 kit provides a flexible and fast solution for isolating endotoxin free plasmid on a small economical scale. The flexible system can be easily automated, thereby making it an ideal option for high throughput transfection screening as well as for other standard molecular biology techniques including restriction enzyme digestion.

  • Endotoxins efficiently reduced (<0,1 EU/µg)
  • Fast high throughput procedure
  • Simple protocol can be automated without sacrificing DNA quality
  • Paramagnetic particles enable rapid isolation of plasmid DNA
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