Vacuum system for evaporation and solvent recovery, VP 10 Autovac

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Vacuum system for evaporation and solvent recovery, VP 10 Autovac
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The VP 10 Autovac is a self-regulated vacuum system that is ideal for vacuum distillation. The pump system provides optimal, trouble-free solvent stripping that creates a fully automatic distillation process without giving any attention to fraction quantities, manual adjustment or continuous regulation. The VP 10 Autovac's outstanding design uses solvent flow to automatically regulate the diaphragm pump vacuum level.

  • Automatic distillation
  • Collection flask at atmosphere pressure
  • Easy connection to rotary evaporators
  • The VP 10 Autovac's solvent recovery system reduces emissions and is environmentally friendly

After reaching operating pressure, the chemical resistant VP 10 Autovac system automatically moderates vacuum for each solvent group, and distills any solvent/volume mixture without composition knowledge. This is done without interruption despite the different fractions. These are collected together on the pressure side in the emission condenser. The VP 10 Autovac operates without expensive controller technology by directly implementing the physical principles of the condensation process. The solvent itself provides the information for the automatic pressure control.

All wetted parts inside the integrated diaphragm pump are made from high quality PTFE, PEEK, PP materials and clear plastic coated glassware to be able to handle acidic or basic solvents and aggressive solvent vapours. The product is quickly separated without loss in a single cycle of evaporation due to a condensation process at optimal boiling point.
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