Multi-channel pipettes, variable volume, Acura® manual 855

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Acura® manual 855 Acura®
SOCO855.08.100EA 898 GBP
SOCO855.08.100 613-0567 613-0570 613-0572 613-0566 613-0568 613-0571 613-0565 613-0569
Multi-channel pipettes, variable volume, Acura® manual 855
Pipettes Micropipettes
These pipettes are equipped with a precision setting mechanism and therefore continuously adjustable down to a very fine volume resolution. The line offers 8- and 12-channel models with volumes ranging from 0,5 to 350 µl.

  • Single-handed volume setting
  • Click stops, together with freely rotating Smartie plunger button cap secure setting stability while pipetting
  • Extend pipetting possibilities in microplates
  • Completely autoclavable
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