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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster

The VWR Hitachi Chromaster

Excellent specifications, very robust and easy to use -600 Bar as standard

The Chromaster delivers highly reliable results.  This is achieved with the excellent precision delivered by the pump, the extremely low carryover and high precision of the autosampler, the proven stability of the column oven and the outstanding sensitivity of the detectors.

The Chromaster:

  • Very low carry over (<0.003%)
  • Highly sensitive fluorescence detector (optimised 30 nm slit)
  • Very low drift diode array detector (1.0 x 10-4  AU hr-1)
  • Excellent gradient reproducibility - more reliable data
  • Automatic detector calibration (saves time and improves confidence in results)
  • Unique touch screen user interface - easy to train technicians and users

The VWR-Hitachi reputation for instrument robustness and reliability continues with the Chromaster. Manufactured to Hitachi's strict quality control standards, the Chromaster is an exellent workhorse for giving reliable results time after time.

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GUI Controller

Graphical User Interface (GUI) control panel

  • The Chromaster system can be controlled through the simple and easy to use touch pad or "GUI".  Maintenance checks can be carried out, sequences can be programmed, multiple pumps can be operated plus many more functions.
  • Also, up to 10 presets can be saved on the GUI including "wake-up" and "sleep" programmes meaning that routine procedures are easier to perform with minimal operator time involved.

5110 Pump

The Chromaster 5110 pump has a new low-pressure gradient mode. The speed switching function of the proportioning valve is controlled using Hitachi’s proprietary real-time feedback system to give higher frequency switching between solvents. This is referred to as High Frequency Mode (HFM).  HFM gives an excellent gradient response, providing very low pulsation pumping and high retention time reproducibility.  This provides excellent solvent mixing in a low pressure gradient configuration.

5210 Autosampler

Excellent injection volume reproducibility   
A new high precision syringe drive unit has improved reproducibility in volume measurement, resulting in injection precision of 0.2% RSD or less.

Extremely low carry-over
5210 Autosampler has been designed to greatly minimise dead volume. Active washing of both the inner and outer needle walls ensures extremely low carryover.

Improved throughput for sample processing
The high speed, high precision control of the needle owing to improved communication between the interface control board and the control software achieves a minimum injection cycle time of about 30 seconds.

5310 Column Oven

Easily accommodates a 300 mm analytical column fitted with a guard column  
The wide column oven can easily accomodate a 300 mm analytical column and allows for easy mounting of the column.   

Thermostat function with with temperature control range
The Peltier heating and cooling control, delivers excellent peak symmetry and shape. The oven has the capability to regulate temperature from 15 oC  below 60°C above ambient temperature with a total temperature range of 1°C to 85°C. 

Optional Column Management System 
The Chromaster column management system records entire column histories regardless of manufacturer. 
Valve options for sample preparation and method evaluation 
Two valve options are available for assembly inside the column oven.  Either a 2 position, 6 port valve for use in sample pre treatment or a 3 column selector valve for use in automated method development.

5430 Diode Array detector

Excellent qualitative analysis performance  
With a wide wavelength range of 190 to 900 nm, the 1024 bit diode array in the 5430 array detector delivers the  highest level of wavelength resolution. 

Low Noise 
The low noise of the 5430 Diode Array Detector is comparable to that of a standard UV detector.

Low Drift
The use of a variable air-volume fan and a specially designed cover on the spectrometer minimises the influence of temperature change around the optical system and achieves a reduction in drift to 0.4 x 10 - 3 AU/hr* (or less) and a reduction in lamp stabilisation time by about 30% .  
*Under specified conditions 

5410 UV/5420 UV-VIS Detector

Low noise, low drift, and a high sensitivity detection  
With a baseline noise value of  0.5 x 10 - 5 AU* (or less) and a low value of 1.0 x 10 - 4 AU/hr* (or less), these detectors deliver excellent baseline stability.  
*Under specified conditions 

Two wavelength simultaneous measurement function 
The two wavelength detection function allowss measurements at short data acquisition intervals of 400 ms and 800 ms per, resulting in excellent peak shapes.
Optional Thermstat flow cell for 5430 Diode Array detector, 5410 UV detectorand 5420 UV/Vis detector
The use of a Thermostat controlled flow cell minimises the influence of ambient temperature changes resulting in a more stable baseline and improved data reliability

5440 Fluorescence

High sensitivity with a signal to noise ratio of 900 or higher (Water Raman test)  
The detector incorporates low light loss optical systems featuring a three dimensional optical axis layout incorporating, Hitachi's proprietary condensing mirrors, a slit flow cell, and an optimised transmission light monitoring method. A thermostat controlled flow cell is also available for the 5440 Fluorescence detector.

5450 Refractive Index(RI) Detector

Short stabilisation time  
The RI Detector allows the start of measurement about 1 hour after it is turned on. 

Flow cell with variable temperature setting  
The cell temperature can be set from 30°C to 50°C (in 1°C increments).

UI Pad (optional)

  • The UI Pad provides the flexibility of purchasing controllers for modules that require stand-alone operations.
  • The large button size and a wide pitch enhance ease of operation.


Organiser capable of accommodating various solvent bottles  
The organiser can accept the simultaneous mounting of 3 x 2.5l solvent bottles, 6 x 1 l solvent bottles or 2 x 2.5l and 2 x 1l solvent bottles. The solvent safety bar is easy to use and allows full visibility of the solvents in the organiser.

Organiser also doubles as a power supply module  
The Organiser, also supplies power to one pump, one autosampler, one detector and one interface control board. 

Complete system ease of use and set up

  • Most optional accessories are internally mounted to reduce HPLC system height.
  • Module operations and the replacement of consumable and maintenance parts can be performed from the front side.
  • With attention to detail on the housing of tubes and wires, tubes are prevented from getting tangled up, ensuring the ease of replacement, and providing good stability.

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