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Equip Your Laboratory!

Issue - 05 - February 2017

Hot selection of lab equipment for every segment !

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Your Essential Laboratory Selection 2017

84 pages of promotions!

Great savings and exclusive offers from VWR.

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

VWR® Ultrapure water systems

Offering flexibility for diverse applications

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

The new generation of greener solvent alternatives

Special prices!

Commitment to sustainability

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Heracell VIOS 160i and 250i CO2 incubators

Designed to achieve your next breakthrough!

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

VWR® cylindrical dropping funnels

With or without pressure equalising

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

Azlon® amber storage bottles

Now meet USP 39 requirements for light transmission

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

VWR® Safe-Handle 2,5 l bottle carrier

Safety is our concern!!!

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

Hits - For your Laboratory

Issue 1 - February 2017


VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

VWR® Traceable® alarm temperature/hygrometers

New models

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

Merck Organics... fast deliveries & low prices

"All You Need’ guides – Handy reference tools for your application or technique

Order/download your copy now!

SUPER SALE - Acros Organics building blocks

60% discount on selected Acros Organics building blocks

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Memmert XXL constant climate chamber


More capacity, much faster, more efficient

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Biological buffers for biopharmaceutical production

NEW bioprocessing chemicals, more product solutions!

VWR bioprocessing manufactures commercial scale biological buffers and biochemicals in addition to providing diverse sourcing capabilities. We can help you meet the increasingly rigorous sourcing and supply chain demands of the life science market.

Cancer research centre accelerates research in the face of safety and compliance needs

Case study!

How to manage hazardous materials data efficiently.

VWR global chemical manufacturing sites

VWR enables the enhancement of production and science by providing high quality chemicals and services customised to your product or manufacturing needs. Our core capabilities include:

Aqueous solutions for biopharmaceutical production

Order your aqueous solutions ready to use!

These ready to use aqueous solutions for biopharmaceutical production are mixed in a cleanroom with pharmaceutical grade raw materials (Ph. Eur.) and purified water (Ph. Eur., USP).

Spectrum Chemicals for production

Now available in Europe from VWR International.

VWR in Bioprocessing

From ISO 9001:2008 certified and FDA cGMP compliant facilities, we can provide you with single-use solutions for:

Chemical protective garments: Factors to consider to make the right choice!

Pharma and Diagnostics Production Catalogue

A comprehensive overview of what VWR can do for you in order to manage some of your challenges and to reach your quality goals.

Making products that impact lives

FREE brochure: Custom chemicals and services!

VWR helps fight tuberculosis!

VWR® production chemicals

See what VWR can do for you!

We manage your chemical supply chain.

VWR® amino acid derivatives for biopharmaceutical production


Products in various forms to meet the requirement of our biopharmaceutical and biotechnology customers

BINDER CO2 incubator

Optimal growth conditions with CB series incubators

VALID UNTIL 30/05/2017

All You Need for Cell Culture guide

VWRbioMarke Shop

Issue 36 - March 2017

Over 25 essential offers for life scientists covering cell biology, genomics & proteomics applications

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR Life Science AMRESCO products for Protein Analysis & Detection

We offer an extensive line of proteomics-based products that perform consistently across all stages of protein research.

How do you achieve the yield, purity and activity you need from your protein purification?

FREE Protein Purification Technical Handbook!

Find out how using the Protein Purification Technical Handbook

Manual protein purification stressing you out?

ÄKTA™ Start protein purification system - Take it easy!

Improved covalent coupling of glycoproteins & carbohydrates

Improved coupling to hydrazide resin using a catalyst - Application note

Biological buffers

Practical tips for preparing buffer solutions

VWR Life Science AMRESCO's Salt Active Nuclease (SAN)

Very useful in recombinant protein purifications!

Optimisation of glycoprotein expression by FectoPRO-mediated transient transfection in HEK 293F/S suspension cells

Achieve superior protein yields using transient gene expression with FectoPRO

Sample preparation - a critical step to get a good yield

Watch our video!

Optimize DNA, RNA, proteins and drugs extraction using the Precellys® Homogenizers

Axygen GEN3: A new generation of pipet tips

Compelling evaluation and benchmarking data for Axygen® GEN3 Multi-Barrier Filter Tips

Excellent result by using Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit

Try it out yourself. Order a free sample !

A Performance Comparison Study: Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit vs. Qiagen’s RNeasy® Plus Mini Kit

VWR Introduces New Industry Standard

The VWR Cooling Thermal Shake Touch

DNAPac™ RP Columns

Launched in 2016

High Performance Reversed-Phase LC Columns for superior oligonucleotides separations

AcroPrep™ Advance 96-well filter plates for DNA purification

Try a sample!

Maximum yields of high quality DNA

When using CRISPR/Cas9 system, transfection is a key to ensure a successful genome editing.

Request your FREE sample!

Polyplus-transfection jetPRIME® reagent is especially well-suited for this application

Bovine Serum Albumine (BSA)

Our BSA is Back in town!

Cell Proliferation Assay Kit XTT

Cell proliferation assays are widely used in Cell biology for the study of growth factors, cytokines or media components.

Corning® hybrigro SF™ Medium

Increase hybridoma yields and production efficiency without using costly serum!

BRAND Ultra Low Retention Tips, BIO-CERT® – More hydrophobic than PTFE

Extremely liquid repellent surface - produced through a special, optimized physicochemical process.

Thermo Scientific Varioskan LUX Microplate Multimode Reader

Designed for fast and reliable results even for the most challenging applications including cell based assays

Overcome the Edge effect with Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge 96-well plate

Ask for your free samples!

Unique patented innovative microplate designed to avoid Edge Effect during assays

Pall Laboratory 0.1 µm membrane filtration devices

Pall Laboratory offer a range of 0.1µm membrane filters that can reduced mypoplasm contamination in your samples

Cell separation pure and simple!

GE Healthcare Life Sciences has been developing and manufacturing density gradient centrifugation media for over 30 years.

Nucleic acid decontamination with DNA-ExitusPlus™ Technology

Prevent false results in your PCR!

DNA-ExitusPlus™ is a safe nucleic acid decontamination solution for molecular

VWR® PCR Workstation

Contamination-free working space!

Dual surface and air cleaning action for a contamination-free working space for sensitive PCR-based applications

Innovative PCR cyclers in all formats

Great value offer!

VWR thermal cyclers are the ideal PCR devices for all molecular biological and biochemical laboratories working in the field of basic research or routine diagnostic.

VWR® Cooling Thermal Shake Touch

The VWR Cooling Thermal Shake Touch offers industry leading performance, features and experiment traceability that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Taq DNA polymerase

Request your FREE Sample!

More thermo-stable than most people think

10 Tips for optimal siRNA transfection

Transfecting siRNA with a high efficiency won't be a challenge anymore

Significant improvements in a chromatography workflow

Chromatography workflow can be achieved with small changes such as selecting the right technique and column format:

Comparison of two colorimetric assays in the detection of cytotoxicity in fibroblasts initiated by apoptotic inducers

G-Biosciences offers several colorimetric cell-based proliferation and toxicity assays that have been optimised for microplates.

ThawSTAR™ Automated Cell Thawing System

Standardised thawing using breakthrough solid state technology

Mycoplasma in cell culture detection and elimination

Tools for detection and treatment of Mycoplasma for every cell culture laboratory

Nanosep Centrifugal Devices

Order your free sample pack now!

Ideal for numerous applications including the concentration, purification, and desalting of oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA and proteins

Precision liquid handling and personalised medicine

Come take a look inside the Biotix Robotics Laboratory and see how we ensure the best for you!

Introducing the latest thermocycler technology now available at VWR

The new and innovative VWR Collection Thermocyclers redefine the modern thermocycler and become a favourite platform for modern molecular biology

VWR® touch screen moisture analysers MBT 62L, MBT 64M, MBT 163L & MBT 163M

Halogen-infrared lamp moisture balances

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

VWR® moisture analysers with touch screen display

MB 62L, MB 64M, MB 163L & MB 163M

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

Mettler Toledo FiveGo™ F2 & Seven2Go™ S2 Food Kits

Portable solutions for pH measurement in the food industry

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

OHAUS Valor™ 2000XW and 4000XW

Ideal for harsh and wet environment weighing in the food industry

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

Sets of cutlery

Sampling tools for microbiological testing

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

VWR® sampling kit

Sampling tools for microbiological testing

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

Multi-parameter meter packages for F&B applications

Solutions for your unique applications

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

DR6000 UV/Vis spectrophotometer

Quality meets efficiency!

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

IMEC single-use temperature logger

Outstanding single-use temperature logger for reliable cold chain monitoring

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

Food oil monitor FOM 330

Optimise the time to change oil enabling you to maintain consistant, high quality fried food. Your guests will be grateful!

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

VWR® Traceable High-Accuracy triple display thermometers

Monitor 2 different areas of any refrigerator/freezer

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

Convert your glass slides into digital data

Ultra-efficient, compact scanning device for professionals, labs and teaching purposes

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

VWR® VisiScope® IT405-FLD inverted fluo microscope

5 year warranty

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

VWR® embedding cassettes - THE standard for your lab

The standard for your lab!

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

STERIHEEL® Baby blood lancets

Higher blood volume with minimum depth of penetration

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

VWR® 120 ml urine containers with vacuum transfer device

Improved hygiene

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Complete range of swabs for all your application needs

Traditional bacteriology transport swabs

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

VWR® coated adhesion slides

Reliable, high quality, uniform performance.

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

New Bactinyl® disinfectant wipes now available

Discover our new medical device disinfectant wipes

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Clinical, Forensic and Bioanalysis LC & LC-MS Applications Guide

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

VWRCATALYST equipment and instrument services, from technical support to equipment database management

Would you like to manage your equipment centrally, keeping it in perfect working order with the assurance of service and support when you need it?

New ACE® LC and LC-MS Complete Applications Guide

Request your FREE copy today!

Bringing together over 340 of the latest LC and LC-MS applications from a wide range of fields

Lockout Tagout (LoTo)

Protects workers from risks posed by live machinery or electricity

New VWR range of industrial wipes


For general purpose and heavy duty applications

VWR® CHF5CB coveralls

Don´t compromise on comfort or safety


Your health is in your hands - our answer is to protect yours!

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

SecureFit™ 600 protective eyewear for better vision and comfort


Get comfortable with changes!

VALID UNTIL 15/04/2017

Go for Zero

Discover our durable signs and printers!

Print your own signs to prevent accidents

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

VWR® double pouch, sterile, twist seal bags for cleanroom applications

Safety tabs - clear - closure with wires

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

Microgard® protective clothing - featuring 2000Ts Plus

Product of choice for pharmaceutical workers around the world!

MICROGARD® 2000 Ts Plus is designed to allow water vapour (perspiration) to escape from the suit yet will withstand saturation of liquid chemicals and filter 100% of particulates down to 0.01 microns in size*. (*EMSL test method).

VWR presents 3M solutions to solve hearing protection challenges


Get hearing protection right - on site and in sight

EN374-3:2003 is to be replaced by EN16523-1 by the end of the year

Certainty at first sight!

Both methods are technically very similar, but there will be significant changes in requirements. The list of challenge chemicals will increase from 12 to 18 and the Beaker symbol will be replaced by 3 categories of Erlenmeyer flask pictogram.

Holistic concepts for personal protective clothing and workwear

Custom-made solutions for workplaces and employees!

Thorough understanding of customer's individual requirements for innovative and creative solutions.

Absorbents (mats, rolls and SOC's) for cleaning up oil, water and chemical-based spills


VWR absorbents and spill containment products help you keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected spills, leaks, drips or other accidents.

Coming soon - the NEW VWR Industrial Safety Solutions Catalogue

Available early 2017!

Register now to save your copy!

Your health and safety is our concern

Contact us for training and solutions for your protection!

VWR provides professional advice in selecting the appropriate safety products for your lab environment.

VWR presents educational material on industrial and lab safety solutions!

Our aim is to support you beyond our comprehensive portfolio of safety products. Go to to review the extensive educational material on safety, protection and hygiene topics. Just some examples of personal protection.

VWR will be introducing a new supplier for stainless steel cleanroom equipment

Coming soon!

Excellent cleaning accessibility and design

Excellent test results on our VWR Collection sterile cleanroom nitrile gloves

Improved permeation time

Non sterile cleanroom disposable overalls A6/A8


Completing the well established A5 sterile cleanroom disposable overall range.

Tyvek® IsoClean® IC 183 - DS unhooded disposable overalls


Suitable for GMP Class A/B (ISO Class 5) cleanrooms

VWR Collection cleanroom nitrile gloves


Switch cleanroom gloves from latex to nitrile with the brand new gloves from VWR Collection.

VWR solutions for safe production of cytotoxic drugs!

Our new brochure provides an insight on what VWR can do to support you in your daily business!

Isolator cleaning tool


Specially engineered to work with isolators and other small, hard to reach areas

Cleanroom mop covers: Single- or multi-use concept?

Whether it is advantageous for the user to work with a single- or with a multi-use concept, (in other words to work with launderable mop covers) depends on the following criteria.

VWR strengthens its position as a manufacturer and starts a new fine chemicals manufacturing facilities in Leuven, Belgium

Benefit from VWR's enhanced production capabilities!

VWR starts production in new ISO 7 cleanroom facilities

NeutraKlean - new sterile ready to use detergent from Contec

Keep your mind at ease and your A & B cleanrooms clean with this new sterile detergent

VWR Change Notification Service for a high level of process security

The Change Notification Service is one solution VWR offers to customers in production, to support you in your daily routine and to remove unnecessary burden from your shoulders. These are the major advantages for you when using CNS.

Oxivir Plus - powerful detergent and broad spectrum disinfectant

Single step cleaning and disinfection, with no compromise on efficacy, thanks to the AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) technology.

Disposable PPE garments for use in your cleanroom - sterile and non sterile

Available as individual coveralls or kits (sterile)

Protecting the operator as well as product and process in your cleanroom.

Cleanroom dispensing & disposal unit

This stand alone dispensing and disposal unit is a great combination in any existing or new cleanroom gowning area.

VWR Collection disposable garments: High quality performance products that offer superb value for money

Detailed technical data sheets available!

Quality and savings go hand in hand!

InVue™ CR288 concentration monitor - process monitoring for in-line liquid chemical applications

InVue™ CR288 concentration monitor offers real time information for point-of-use chemical/mixing blending, spiking and dilution without process intrusion or interruption.

CleanPack® – the benefits of outsourcing your cleanroom prep work

Customised services!

Gain valuable time for your core production activities

Sterile IPASEPT® Premium

High quality IPA!

Produced in our own cleanrooms!

Microbiological monitoring in cleanrooms

Guidance for Users!

How to select air samplers most appropriate to the application in question and how to use air samplers in practice

Contec range of cleanroom wipes, mops, detergents and disinfectants

More than meets the eye!

Mission-critical cleaning and contamination control

VWR® sterile cleanroom single-use garments


‘State-of-the-art’ sterile disposable cleanroom garments for production and research!

ACE® Equivalence C18 - now available in a wider range of dimensions

More column choice!

Competiive, high performance C18 columns

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

High resolution analysis

High resolution application with the ChromasterUltra RS

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

New range of Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors


New models: VWR ELSD 100, VWR ELSD FP and VWR ELSD LC

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Pall Laboratory GHP Acrodisc® PSF syringe filters

Request a free sample and special prices with your next purchase!

Improve your analysis accuracy with a 'universal' membrane filter for all of your analytical filtration requirements

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Secondary reference standards for Gas Chromatography

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

NeoLiCy® - the validation software

Successor to Validation Manager

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Purospher® and Chromolith® UHPLC columns

High separation speeds plus perfect peak symmetry

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Thermo Scientific™ GC consumables for Agilent® GC & GC-MS instruments

GC liners, ferrules and syringes

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Broad range of EPA vials in clear and amber glass

Works with Agilent, Dionex, Shimadzu, Tekmar, Thermo Scientific, Varian...

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Shodex Asahipak NH2P series: Columns for polymer-based Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC)

Columns for polymer-based Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC)

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

VWR® Silica Gel bulk material

Silica Gel 60 the proven packing material!

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Constantly renew used air valves and exhaust filters

Time to change!

Use the price advantage of economy packs!

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

High performance solvents for analytical HPLC, fast chromatography and LC-MS

Benefit from high resolution and sensitivity as well as optimised peak baseline separation

LiChrosolv® solvents from Merck Millipore are designed to optimally support analytical HPLC, fast chromatography and LC-MS applications

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

ACE® Equivalence - competitive, high performance C18 columns

ACE® Equivalence offers similar performance to many leading brand C18 HPLC columns - but with significant cost savings.

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

Grace HPLC column brands acquired by Hichrom

Original Grace LC columns still available!

Hichrom Limited have acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture key analytical HPLC column ranges from Grace!

New VWR® Ultra LC-MS solvents

2 new methanol and acetonitrile LC-MS grades

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

HQD digital meters and IntelliCAL™ electrodes

Have confidence in your results!

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

VWR® VisiCam® USB3 cameras for microscopy

High speed cameras designed for everyday microscopy applications and education

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Testo professional data monitoring equipment

All parameters (temperature, humidity, shock or absolute pressure) are under control

VALID UNTIL 31/05/2017

Reliable water determination

Aquastar™ replaces the trademark apura® for Merck Karl fisher reagents

VALID UNTIL 30/04/2017

Whatman filter paper selector guide

Whatman filter paper selector guide