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  • Welcome to the Tecan family at Avantor®!

    Tecan's powerful range of microplate readers and washers offer life science and diagnostics customers innovative and flexible solutions for virtually any application. From ELISA assays to live cell imaging, we offer upgradeable solutions that grow with customers' needs.

  • USP Reference Standards - New partnership

    New contract signed between AVANTOR and USP. We are now an official dealer for USP Reference Standards. All the products in one complete portfolio.

  • Keystone cleanroom products for pharma and biopharma - available now!

    A wide range of sterilization bags and pouches, along with covers and machine part wrappings to keep cleaned equipment protected from contamination.

  • VWR® for Drying and Filtration Brochure

    All your reagents under one roof! Wide range of reagents and reliable solutions for drying, filtration, purification, absorption and adsorption.

  • VWR® for weighing: Lighten the weighing load

    Discover extensive choice and find a quality that suits your application. From semi-micro balances to industrial precision balances and all consumables and weights.

  • Need to measure pH, redox, conductivity or dissolved oxygen?

    For every parameter Avantor offers a choice of testers, handheld and bench meters. This brochure will guide you to find the meter and reagents you need.

  • Is temperature control one of your daily responsabilities?

    Discover our new microsite page, guiding you through all the possibilities from temperature indication on strips to real time wireless measurement and control.

  • Palbam Class stainless steel electro-polished Dispensers

    Full range of disposable dispensers for cleanroom gowning rooms. Most models in stock for quick shipment.

  • Improve Safety in Your Lab with DWK Life Sciences

    Safety matters. And in the lab, safety matters a lot. However, selecting the safest type of labware for an application can be overlooked. Using more than 100 years of commitment to innovation across their business, DWK Life Sciences has created a wide range of products designed to improve lab safety, protecting you, your colleagues, and the contents you are working with.

  • TouchNTuff® 92-600 - Chemical splash protection and comfort

    Disposable nitrile glove with enhanced chemical splash protection. Super soft nitrile provides a comfortable, silky feel for extended wear.

  • Sustainability

    Avantors Sustainability Journey
    Our commitment to sustainability is a powerful reminder of our journey to move toward more highly sustainable business.
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    Our Sustainability Report
    Everything we do at Avantor is tied to our unique mission of setting science in motion to create a better world. See our 2022 Sustainability report.
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    Safety and Recycling – sustainable options!
    Discover ways that you can support your business with choices that can benefit your carbon footprint.
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