Recycling solutions

A Zero Waste Box™ from TerraCycle is a complete and convenient brand neutral solution which includes the storage, shipping and recycling of a particular type of waste that isn’t currently recycled through local councils or traditional recycling facilities. Simply order a box and place in a convenient location. Fill the box with the accepted waste and when full, return using the prepaid shipping label already affixed to the box. Instead of going to landfil or incineration your waste will then be turned into pellets and get a second life as a wide range of products reducing the need to extract new raw materials for manufacturing. RightCycle™ from Kimberly Clark is a cost effective recycling solution specifically for Kimtech™ gloves or garments. Collect your Kimtech™ disposables, store in a pallet bag and then pay only for the shipping back to your local Terracycle recycling facility.

Zero Waste Box™ for disposable face masks

Recycling solution for non-woven disposable face masks, surgical masks, disposable particle filtering masks (FFP2/FFP3) or dust masks and plastic face shields and visors.

Zero Waste Box™ for disposable gloves

Use this box to recycle any brand of disposable nitrile, latex or vinyl gloves. Medical waste not accepted.

Zero Waste Box™ for pipette tip boxes

Recycle your used pipette tip boxes with this convenient solution. Not suitable for pipette tips, tubes and rigid lab plastics that are contaminated with hazardous or dangerous materials.

Zero Waste Box™ for Centrifuge Tubes & Rigid Lab Plastics

Rigid lab plastic waste such as centrifuge tubes, plastic bottles, trays, vials and beakers can now also be collected and recycled.

Zero Waste Box™ for mixed safety equip

This box is suitable for a mix of PPE items such as earplugs, beard nets, hairnets, disposable gloves, safety glasses, disposable garments, disposable shoe covers and disposable masks.

Zero Waste Box™ for disposable garments

Suitable for any brand and size of disposable garments, overalls, chemical protection suits, smocks and disposable shoe covers.

Zero Waste Box™ for hair nets and beard nets

Reduce the amount of waste you incinerate or send to landfill, instead recycle your beard nets and hair nets with Terracycle. Place in a convenient location to collect the used articles.

Zero Waste Box™ for foam and plastic earplugs.

Recycle the non-recyclable. Use this Zero Waste Box™ to collect your used earplugs. Give them a second life as a variety of new products including outdoor furniture, pallets, construction materials, etc.

Zero Waste Box™ for disposable gloves and facemasks

Help to reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your disposable gloves and facemasks with this Zero Waste Box™. Box includes shipping and processing.

Zero Waste Box™ for mixed nets and ear plugs

Lighten your environmental footprint. Collect and recycle your beard nets and hairnets, disposable shoe covers, earplugs.

Zero Waste Box™ for eyewear

Don’t simply dispose of your scratched or damaged safety eyewear, recycle them with TerraCycle.

RightCycle* - recycling programme for Kimtech™ nitrile gloves and garments

Cost effective solution just for Kimtech branded gloves and disposable garments. Only pay for the shipping, Kimberly Clark pay for the recycling of their own brand.