Safety products

Protect your staff, yourself and your space with VWR’s choice of trusted equipment and apparel which is designed to help reduce exposure to workplace hazards and injuries.

Our VWR Collection portfolio includes protective clothing, gloves, masks and eyewear dedicated to your safety and comfort. Injury prevention begins with maintaining a safe and clean environment, so VWR offers disposal containers, transport systems, storage solutions and bench protection so you can ensure that you have the products necessary for handling dangerous chemicals and hazards in the workplace.

Product selection

Lab Coats

Ladies or mens cotton/polycotton coats.

Face Masks

Particle filtering masks.


Disposable filtering half masks


Nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves.

Soap Dispensers

Hand, elbow or touchless operation.


Protect your feet.

Eye Protection

Sight protection from goggles and safety glasses.

Dispensers for Personal Protective Equipment

Handy storage and dispensers for safety spectacles, gloves, etc.

Lens Cleaning Tissues

Gentle, effective cleaning of all optics including glasses.


Comfort and safety underfoot.

Radiation Control

Beta radiation bins and shields.

Bottle Carriers

Contains bottle breakages.

Safety Labels

Sticky GHS symbols.

Spill Control

Absorbents, spill collection and neutralisation.

Fire Blankets

Put out small lab fires.

Biohazard Bags

For disposal of biologically hazardous waste.

Broken Glass Disposal

Sturdy boxes for collecting broken laboratory glass.

Bench Protection

Protects working area.


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