Syncronis HPLC & UHPLC Columns

HPLC columns which are used to achieve consistent, reproducible separations, ideal for the demands of QA/QC laboratories.

Highly reproducible separations

  • Rigorously tested stationary phase-bonded to the highest quality silica ensures consistent, predictable LC performance

Excellent peak shapes for enhanced resolution and sensitivity

  • Dense surface coverage of silica minimises secondary interactions and peak tailing
  • Double-endcapped for extra surface coverage

Exceptional Column-To-Column Consistency

  • Manufactured, packed and tested in ISO 9000-accredited facilities
  • Every column individually tested to meet stringent retention, efficiency and peak symmetry specifications
  • Enhanced automated packing process

Available In Three Particle Sizes

  • 1,7 μm for rapid ultra-high performance LC (UHPLC) separations also 3 and 5 μm for more traditional HPLC analysis

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