VWR recognizes that building sustainable business practices to enhance the value of the company is in the best interest of our company, our associates, our suppliers, our customers and our community. We also understand that our customers have sustainability initiatives and VWR is committed to helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

At VWR, we are approaching sustainability to meet the three primary goals as defined by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development:

  • Social Impact (People)
  • Environmental Protection (Planet)
  • Economic Growth (Performance)

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Learn more about VWR's initiatives in our Sustainability Reports:

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People represents VWR’s impact on our associates and on society. The objectives highlighted in this area will help VWR make a more positive social impact...


Planet represents VWR’s impact on the environment. Our objective is to help VWR promote environmental protection...


Performance represents VWR’s impact on the financial health of the Company. The objectives here will help VWR find opportunities for economic growth...


Establishing supportive governance within VWR is critical to building sustainable business practices into the organization...

What Can You Do?

Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Align with VWR and our suppliers to engage in sustainable business practices...