Supelco® SmartChemicals to improve your titration process

Supelco® SmartTitrants and Supelco® SmartStandards are Merck’s latest development in titration technology. RFID tags on the bottles of the chemicals are scanned by the Mettler Toledo titrator and automatically transfer data to the titrator. Using SmartChemicals, you will experience 4 main benefits:

  1. Secure data transfer—ensures complete and correct reagent & standard data transfer in the titration software
  2. Ease of use—intuitive operation and convenient data transfer in one touch
  3. Extended quality management—titer determination, shelf life, compliance data, initial opening date, release date
  4. Improved efficiency—fast data transfer - safes time - no manual writing and no four-eyes principle necessary

All information needed for method execution, result calculation and documentation is seamlessly transferred:

  • Product name
  • Article number
  • Lot/batch no.
  • Concentrations
  • Date of release
  • Shelf life – expired chemicals are locked from use
  • Initial opening date

When using standards, the following additional information is also transferred:

  • Molecular weight
  • Supplier name
  • Compliance according to pharmacopeias and ISO
  • Measurement uncertainty

Titripur® volumetric solutions, Certipur® volumetric standards and all Aquastar® Karl Fischer titrants and standards from the SmartChemical range are embedded with an RFID tag on the label. All relevant data from the Certificate of Analysis are stored on the RFID tag of the SmartChemical. SmartChemicals can be compatible with following titrators from Mettler Toledo: G20S, G10S, V30S, V20S, V10S, T9, T7 and T5. A SmartChemical Reader needs to be linked to your system to make your system compatible. If you would like to receive assistance or more information about this setup – request assistance using the form below.

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