Sterilising: From consumables to high end sterilisers

VWR can offer all you need for the sterilising process, from consumables, indicators and more, to high end sterilisers with the possibility of special applications such as the Bowie Dick test and more! Whether it is a small autoclave for a school, or a special one for specific application in high level laboratories, CFR21 Part 11, you will find an overview here.

Tuttnauer's laboratory autoclaves

Find an overview of these autoclaves according to application, and much more information about software, applications and services.



Choose between manually controlled analog autoclaves and electronically controlled models, for fast, dependable processing.

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Hot air sterilisers

Sterilisation instead of disinfection of containers and instruments in the laboratory. A hot-air steriliser protects and saves lives in medicine.

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Sterilisation indicators

Sterilisation indicators enable routine monitoring of the steam sterilisation process. These indicators are designed to check if the conditions during a steam autoclave cycle were sufficient to result in a defined level of microbiological inactivation.

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Disposal bags

VWR offers a wide choice of bags for autoclaving.

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Aluminium foil

Essential to protect labware after sterilisation.

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Foil dispensers

This foil dispenser provides a good alternative to pre-cut foil squares.

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Laboratory bottles

In borosilicate 3.3 glass with GL 45 and GL 80 neck.

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Sterilisation boxes for pipettes

Stainless steel, available with square or round base, autoclavable.

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Autoclave deodorants

Improve your working environment by neutralising unpleasant odours associated with autoclaving. VWR offers a broad range of autoclave deodorants. Choose your preferred fragrance.

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Laboratory burners

Burners according to DIN and Laboratory burners. All burners are available as natural or bottle/butane gas versions.

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