Software & Adapters

All USB and HDMI/USB cameras require a software which can be downloaded from the product pages.
HDMI cameras offer settings directly from the device by using a mouse when being used without a PC.
Tablet cameras have a Tablet App so do not need an extra software to be downloaded.

C-mount adapters

C-mount adapters exploit the physical connection between trinocular tube of the microscope and the digital camera. 
Adapters have different magnification capability. It is important to choose the correct adapter magnification which depends on camera sensor size.

Download the selector guide to find the right connection between the VWR®camera and the VisiScope® microscopes. 

Selector Guide

Software versions

VisiCam® Vision Lite Soft is the most intuitive software for basic needs: capture images & stream live videos, perform linear measurements, export comprehensive reports.

VisiCam® Proview Soft which is a professional image analysis with a lot of additional parameters.

VisiCam® image analysis software: Intuitive software for professional image analysis.

Find here the overview of the software features and a selector to use the correct software for the correct camera.

The software can be downloaded for free on the camera product pages.

Cameras and Software

Camera Visicam Vision Lite
(free download)
Visicam Vision Proview
(free download)
Visicam Image Analysis
(free download)
Camera VisiCam® B5 X    
Camera VisiCam® 3 +     X
Camera VisiCam® 5 +     X
Camera VisiCam® 16 +     X
Camera VisiCam® 20 +     X
Camera VisiCam® 6 +     X
Camera VisiCam® P6 X X

Camera VisiCam® PRO 20C, fluorescence

Camera VisiCam® MET 5000     X
Camera VisiCam® HRS 14     X
Camera HDMI / USB VisiCam® HDMI5     X
Camera HDMI / USB VisiCam® HDMI6     X
Camera HDMI / USB VisiCam® HDMI HP X X  
Wifi / USB camera VisiCam® 83 X    
Wireless Tablet camera VisiCam® TC 20 +     Software tablet application
Tablet TC 210 X X  

Software and image analysis

Features Vision Lite
Proview Image Analysis
Friendly Interface, multilanguage Yes, 8 languages Yes, 8 languages Yes
Capture still images and Stream live videos Yes Yes Yes
Images saved in different formats Yes Yes Yes
Image stack acquisation Yes Yes Yes
Grid addition Yes Yes Yes
Perform linear measurements ( line, circle, rectangle, polygon, angles, …) Yes Yes Yes
Accurate measurements through simple calibration Yes Yes Yes
Save Measurement results   Yes Yes
Comprehensive data export ( notes and measures included ) Yes Yes Yes
Export comprehensive reports Yes Yes Yes
White & Black balanceo No Yes Yes
Exposure time No Yes Yes
Colors channels adjustment, contrast, saturation, brightness No Yes Yes
Management of several cameras No Yes Yes
Fully customizable graphical user interface ( password protection .. ) No Yes No
Fluorescence imaging with "pixel shift " function No Yes Yes
High Dynamic range ( HDR) acquisition No Yes Yes
Extended depth of focus ( EDF) No Yes Yes
Image stitching   Yes Yes
Compare live and saved image     Yes
Time Lapse capture     Yes
Counting     Yes