Optical & Scanning Microscopes

Avantor has an impressive range of microscopy products, from the most basic microscopes to handheld ones, plus slide scanners and sophisticated models with digital imaging software. This selection will help you find the right instrument for your application. However, if you need more information or a demo, please contact your local Avantor customer service centre.


As Avantor offers microscopes for so many applications, you can find a selector to help you find the right one for you. The selector gives you the following choices:

Microscope type: To select if you need an upright microscope, or an inverted microscope for life science applications or metallography, stereo microscopes for quality control or research, also handheld microscopes for easy quality control. You can also choose the unique Echo Microscopes that can easily convert between an upright and an inverted microscope.

Observation method: To select the techniques, such as brightfield, phase contrast, fluorescent, darkfield and polarisation.

Light Exposure: Whether you need incident or transmitted light to examine your sample.

Observation type: Select if you need a monocular, binocular, trinocular or a microscope with an iPad to view your sample in a variety of ways.

Microscope application: To identify the segment you are working in, such as research, education, industrial and more.

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Education & University Microscopes

For primary school and secondary schools the budget for microscopes is very important, as mostly the time spent on work is limited. For universities the quality needs to be higher as microscopes are a more important part of the daily education.

Digital microscopes have the advantage that a whole class can see the sample to be examined.

  • Educational Basic Upright Microscopes
  • Educational Basic Stereo Microscopes
  • University Basic Upright Microscopes
  • University Basic Inverted Microscopy
  • University Basic Stereo Microscopes
  • Microscopes with integrated camera
  • Handheld Digital Microscopes

Routine Biological (Clinical) & Life Science Microscopes & Scanners

For life science, human and animal clinical diagnostics and routine applications, a higher quality, more robust, ergonomic microscope is needed. For research, the highest level of microscope is needed where resolution becomes the most important factor.

  • Upright-Inverted Hybrid Digital Microscope
  • Upright Microscopes
  • Inverted Microscopy
  • Stereo Microscopes
  • Scanners

High Content Cell Imaging & Analysis Solutions

Automated, high content imaging and analysis empowers researchers to quickly and easily acquire the data they need. Scientists can now obtain and analyse images far faster, and more reliably, than they could using manual microscopy, enabling them to accelerate their research. Avantor can offer a wide range of cellular imaging systems, from compact, bench top automated digital microscopes to high throughput confocal imaging systems.

Industrial Microscopes

In industrial applications, the need to inspect samples for quality and impurity structure is of utmost importance especially when documentation and data are needed.

Avantor offers a wide range of instruments, from basic to high level stereo microscopes, also upright microscopes for metal and semiconductor industries. Take a look at our range of amazing digital handheld microscopes with Wi-Fi possibilities.

  • Stereo Microscopes
  • Digital Microscope Cameras (Dino-Lite)
  • Upright Material Microscope (metal – polarization)

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Field or handheld microscopes and Magnifiers

For handheld investigation with easy, low budget magnifier to DinoLite with powerful, portable and feature rich solutions for microscopic inspection at up to 900x magnification and 5 Megapixel resolution high-quality imaging and optics.