VWR offers the largest choice of cameras on the market. They cover most customer applications and market segments. If you are looking for an 'all in' solution microscope, please look for digital microscopes with integrated camera.

USB cameras and cameras for fluorescence applications

USB cameras are most often used as they are ideal for general purpose high end view. 
USB cameras require a software for extended image analysis, which can be on a CD or downloaded from a website.
Models available from 3 to 20 MP.

HDMI cameras

HDMI cameras offer several settings directly from the device by using a mouse (generally supplied) to select preferred parameters. 
Some models can be used with software (via USB connection to PC). With HDMI cameras you can show pictures and videos on a beamer or external monitor. From 2 to 6 MP.

Wi-Fi and Tablet cameras

The tablet cameras have an application on the iPad, or can use an application  software, depending on the type of camera. They are easy to share images. No PC is needed. Ideal for Basic image analysis. 5MP models. 

Eyepiece cameras 

For basic applications, to easily add to a microscope, when not having a phototube or no Trinocular microscope.