The challenges of production include the scaling up of laboratory processes, processing and production management, personal and product safety. VWR is able to provide support in this environment, from raw materials to hygiene control.

We can help you monitor your finished product and intermediates, handle the increasing volumes of materials, and manage any effluent output. 

Controlled Environment - basan

Controlled Environment - basan is the cleanroom division of VWR and is one of the leading distributors in products and services for controlled environments – and has been for more than 30 years.

Safety & Cleaning

VWR offers a comprehensive range of products and services to protect employee’s health and safety. VWR offers expert advice, information, training and tools to help you select the appropriate health and safety products for your work.

Bioprocessing Solutions

Find the biological materials you need for upstream bioprocessing, including bulk-sized biological buffers and biochemicals.

Production Chemicals

Chemical management in a production setting brings the mixed handling and safety challenges of both bulk materials and excipients.

Monitoring Of Production Areas

Ensure that the storage and handling of products and raw materials are protected from contamination and unacceptable changes to the environment.

Industrial Equipment

Here are some specially selected elements that are very useful for production facilities.

Avantor Seradigm

The most reliable supply of exceptional quality Foetal Bovine Serum. 

VWR Custom Manufacturing Services

VWR take care of sourcing, production, testing and documentation of your chemicals. We manufacture what you need.

Media fill culture media

Culture media for media fill tests. Granulated or ready to use, for the pharmaceutical or food and beverage market.