PanReac AppliChem Decontamination

Decontamination and Control Reagents

It is important to work as cleanly as possible. Contamination is very frustrating for the scientist and in the end also very expensive. PanReac AppliChem offers a variety of products for prevention, detection and fighting against contamination.

For a clean cell culture and molecular biology working environment

In science, it is crucial to achieve reproducible results. This means the conditions for performing experiments and assays, for growing your cells and bacteria, and for achieving any results should be as comparable as possible.

One of the biggest enemies of the scientists is the contamination. It could be from unwanted chemicals (be careful) or more commonly by unwanted microorganisms such as fungi, unknown bacteria or mycoplasma. Contamination can affect how your cells behave and falsify your results. Unwanted single molecules such as DNA can also cause significant problems leading to incorrect PCR or cloning.

Do not waste time - stop these problems before they even emerge. Find out more about the products that can make your daily work easier and cleaner, leaving you more time for new discoveries.

PanReac AppliChem products are safe and easy to use on the work bench and with equipment (incubators, PCR machines, etc.). Designed to be non-harmful to humans, they can be easily incorporated into your daily workflows.

Cell culture incubators and water baths free of contamination

Contamination of cell lines with mycoplasma is a widespread and often underestimated problem…

  • Disinfectant solution for incubators and sterile benches
  • Fully compatible with common work surfaces…

Mycoplasma: Detection & elimination

Contamination of cell lines with mycoplasma is a widespread and often underestimated problem…

Antibiotics & Antimycotics

Antibiotics and Anitmycotics are a type of antimicrobial drug used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections …

Nucleic Acid decontamination with DNA Exitus Plus Technology

DNA-ExitusPlus™ is a novel patented reagent for the removal of nucleic acid contamination from laboratory …

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