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As the ever-increasing demands on science challenge us to look beyond what’s possible, Avantor is working hard to drive our customer’s success. Our experts are ready to help accelerate your research through innovative products, unique solutions and services, as well as learning tools helping you speed up your processes.

Webinars and downloadable content can help expand your knowledge – free of charge and at your fingertips.

Speed up your processes


Use IDS technology for easier, faster, more accurate measuring, and complete data management.

Discover Echo

Examine your cells or slides in a safe way with ‘Discover Echo’ microscopes: All advantages of iPad and 12.9” Retina® Display.

Vision Engineering

Superior ergonomic inspection stereo microscopes: Safer – faster – easier – all the data you need.

DURAN® evolutionary bottle system

DURAN® bottles and connections to speed your research.

Electronic pipettes

Innovative solutions for liquid handling to accelerate research.

Cell Strainers

Fast and efficient filtering of small volume samples prior to FLOW or FACS analysis.

Avantor® ACE® HPLC columns

Streamline your method development with Avantor® ACE® novel phases and method development kits.

UHPLC systems

Are you moving up from HPLC to UHPLC in this fast paced new world?