Miele Disinfecting Washers for Laboratory Glassware

With its lab washers, special reprocessing procedures, and perfectly coordinated accessories, Miele Professional offers comprehensive system solutions for the reprocessing of different types of laboratory glassware for subsequent analytical experiments. These system solutions facilitate reproducible results even in challenging applications in the areas of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, biology, microbiology, in hospital laboratories, pharmacies and in the food and cosmetics industries.

Thanks to Miele's expertise, model versions are available with a variety of programs, load carriers, modules and other accessories to provide the right response to your needs.

Miele has spent the last 50 years configuring its wash cycles so you can select the perfect cycle for your laboratory glassware.

With its practical and effective solutions, Miele is the logical choice for all laboratory users.

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Washer - disinfector




PG 8583

+ EcoDry: Assisted drying
(automatic opening at the end of the cycle).
Ideal for: standard or wide necked laboratory glassware
(e.g. beakers, test tubes, bowls....)


Basket for PG8583

VWR exclusive basket sets for PG8583
Our exclusive basket sets offer maximum flexibility and intuitive operation as modules can be used in different combinations and are easy to reconfigure.

Video: Basic Basket Set A205
Video: Advanced Basket Set A206


  Washer-disinfector - dynamic drying

PG 8504

+ 3 programs, economic model.
Ideal for: automated washing of glassware with specific supports allowing optimal treatment without breaking the glass.


PG 8593

+ DryPlus: integrated dynamic drying
Ideal for: glassware and complex laboratory tools with small openings or narrow necks (e.g. flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, pipettes ...).

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Miele Advantages:

  • Complete documentation of all reprocessing processess ensures the highest level of safety
  • Maximum flexibility and intuitive use, thanks to new modular baskets and inserts
  • Perfect cleaning performance: Ideal water pressure during all program phases thanks to a patented, variable speed circulation pump
  • Highest standards of hygiene: A smoothly welded and cove-cornered chamber, and the relocation of heater elements from the chamber to the circulation pump prevents any build-up of dirt deposits
  • Individual solutions: Various features offer the perfect solution to a wide range of applications
Miele quality: Gentle treatment of glassware which considerably extends its service life. DURAN Group recommends Miele lab washers.
Miele guarantee: Miele after sales service is a guarantee of security and reliability. Maintenance contracts tailored to your needs.
Miele service: Experienced technicians, local service. Spare parts are available for up to 15 years after the product has been discontinued.

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MIELE Quality

A quality treatment of glassware, while preserving their life.
DURAN Group recommends Miele washer-disinfectors


MIELE Guarantee

Miele After Sales Service: a guarantee of security and reliability
Maintenance contracts tailored to your needs



MIELE Services

Expert technicians
Spare parts available up to 15 years after purchase
Local service