Heating Circulators

VWR heating circulators

Stainless steel circulating baths with Advanced Programmable or Advanced Digital temperature controller. Variable speed pump with external circulation and temperature control capability. 

Lauda heating thermostats with transparent baths, ECO

ECO units, with transparent plastic baths provide visibility where test samples need to be observed. Flow rate switch for flow rate control between internal and external circulation. 

Huber baths and heating circulators, with KISS® controller

Heating circulation thermostats with either polycarbonate or stainless steel baths. Specially designed for external applications with small volumes. The KISS® controller combines state-of-the-art technology with simple operation.

Water baths and heating circulators, stainless steel, Optima™

The Grant Optima range consists of both general purpose and advanced performance thermostats combined with premium stainless steel baths. Includes pump for external circulation. 

Julabo heating circulators, polycarbonate baths, CORIO™ C-BT 

The CORIO C immersion circulator is the basic model, ideal for standard internal applications. Includes bath (BT). 

Julabo heating immersion thermostats, CORIO™ C 

The CORIO C immersion thermostat is the basic model, it is ideal for standard internal applications