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Operating safely in laboratory environments requires the right choice of equipment. But while the need for certain essentials, such as safety glasses and other personal protective equipment, is clear, choosing the safest type of labware for each specific application can be easily overlooked. Day to day lab work combines a focus on maximising productivity and achieving results with a considered approach to all aspects of safety. DURAN® glass bottles, beakers and other DURAN® labware provide an excellent starting point, with tried and trusted equipment that is safe to handle due to excellent material properties. However, certain applications, particularly those involving increased pressure or vacuum environments, as well as tasks involving the lifting, carrying or pouring of larger volume glass bottles, can benefit from specialist products with enhanced safety features.

Our commitment to innovation has resulted in a range of products, designed to improve these key applications within the lab. So don’t let your energy in advancing your work come at the expense of safety. Take a moment and explore these DURAN® products, each of which provides you with a safer choice and enhances the capabilities of your laboratory glass bottles. It's excellence in your hands.

DURAN® Bottle Carrying System - Safety & Comfort Combined

The lifting, carrying and pouring of larger volume glass bottles can be difficult and dangerous. The new modular DURAN® Bottle Carrying System provides a safer and more comfortable alternative for you and your co-workers. This bottle carrying system fits standard laboratory bottles that have a GL 45 neck finish and is compatible with four bottle sizes 2, 5, 10 and 20 litres. Its ergonomic design offers health and safety benefits to the user and allows easy and safe transport of bottles around the laboratory or production facility.

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DURAN® Protect - When Safety Matters

The transport, storage and handling of hazardous and valuable substances in the lab presents significant risks to safety. To combat this, the DURAN® Protect range has been developed to provide users with enhanced protection. Combining the best of both worlds, the virtually inert DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass, which is renowned for its excellent thermal performance and high resistance to chemical attack, protects the contents from contamination, while the external plastic safety coating protects both the user and contents from accidents.

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DURAN® Pressure Plus+ Laboratory Bottles - Strength Under Pressure

Laboratory processes that involve increased pressure or a vacuum environment require the use of specialist labware. Standard glass laboratory bottles are not designed to safely withstand pressure differentials. As a result of modified geometry, the DURAN® Pressure Plus+ bottles have guaranteed pressure resistance and offer optimal safety for both the user and contents. There are three versions of the pressure plus+ bottles available; clear DURAN® glass, with or without a protect plastic safety coating, and amber DURAN® glass for protection against ultraviolet light degradation.

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