What our customers say about Duran® products

A special thank to all the users who shared with us their opinion and personal experience on Duran® products. An exceptional and unexpected feedback telling the love for science in the daily job.

Duran GL 45 1L bottle, clear.  We have been using these Duran bottles exclusively and they have never let us down.  They last for years and quality never fades.

Duran GL 45 bottles are sturdy enough to be used with homogenisers. Long lasting  and can even be put into a frrezer without any worry of breaking.

In our lab we use amber Duran bottles (1 L) to contain the solvents used as mobile phase in our chromatographic analyses. The quality of the glass is very good, so we do not see any ghost peak in the chromatograms.

Great bottles from duran - high quality and robust design.

Product name: YOUTILITY bottles with screw cap, DURAN® (Ref: 215-4503). We use these bottles for the UHPLC analysis in our GxP studies where traceability (return code) and the quality of the material are mandatory. In addition, the shape of the bottle allows to take advantage of almost all the volume of the mobile phase avoiding wasting it.

Use of DURAN® 2000 ml bottles (Ref. SCOT218066337) as a container for solutions assures us that the bottle is not a source of additional impurities in our sample solutions or mobile phases anymore. These bottles are the best choice we have tried in our lab for any chromatography-related operation.  

I would always buy Duran bottles out of choice because the quality of the glass means they wash and autoclave really well without marking the glass and they are also tough enough to withstand the normal everyday knocks that any glassware will go through.

Product Name : DURAN® GLS 80 bottle, clear.We have lots of these bottles in the lab. They are excellent quality, and are the storage solution of choice for anything from buffers to pyrophoric powders. Recommended.

Having used DURAN bottles almost exclusively across three companies, I can vouch that the quality and ease of use is exceptional. Very easy to clean and sterilise and ideal for HPLC solvents.

(DURAN® GL 45 100ML, 250ML, 500ML, 5000ML). I have worked in a labs for more than 20 years now. I have never known one not to use DURAN bottles. They are tough, difficult to break and long lasting. I've been in my current lab more than 15 years, some of our DURAN's have been here longer than me.

DURAN® GLS 45 bottle, clear.  This is our go to bottle for making up all solutions in the lab - easy to use, can be put in the dishwasher, autoclave, and confidence in the measuring markers along the side.  Our shelf is full of these bottles in all sizes (like the lids are interchangeable too!)

Product: Duran GL 45 Bottle 2000ml clear. A good quality, hard-wearing piece of equipment that is a staple of our day-to-day laboratory activities. 

Strong, durable, exactly what you need from a bottle.

Laboratory bottles, round, with screw cap, DURAN®, great bottles can be used for a large range of applications and can endure day to day use in and around labs and other ideal enviroments.

DURAN® laboratory bottle, GL 45 (1000mL)
These are sturdy, robust bottles, with hard-wearing graduated markings, that make them ideal as a standard every-day use work-horse in our laboratory.

Good solid bottles in a wide range of sizes that we routinely use in our lab. Great that you can order replacement seals and caps too if you need to!

A great bottle for media perparation

The standard bottle for any microbiology lab; strong, durable, and reliable. Will tolerate a lifetime of autoclaving and neck flaming. I wouldn't buy cheaper. 

Duran GLS 80 Wide Neck Clear. Durans are reliable, sturdy and perform well at all temperatures.

Duran GL 45 is the best way to keep your solvents, reagents or buffer solutions always on hand. Made of strong and chemically resistant borosilicate glass is the perfect bottle for your lab.

DURAN GL 32 bottle clear 50ml - A good quality product which is useful for storing or transporting small volumes in the laboratory, particularly when wanting to decant a smaller aliquot from a larger volume of a buffer or chemical.

The baffles are good for mixing liquids without vortex, but also give it a good grip. They seem even sturdier than the usual Duran bottles. Very nice product.

DURAN measuring cylinder borosilicate glas Class B - Great for routine measuring of reagents, although have to be careful as it is made of glass and therefore is more easily broken but is more accurate over other materials. 

Laboratory bottles, narrow neck, DURAN®- strong glass duran bottle, easy to use and very durable with time. 

Using both the 250mL and 500mL Duran GL45 bottles in my lab I have found them to be of exceptional quality. I make agarose gel solutions up for use in the lab and the very high quality glass allows me to see when the agarose has properly melted. The design of the neck of the bottles allows easy pouring with little or no waste. Overall, you can't go wrong with a Duran bottle.

Duran's are my go-to lab essential. Durable, easy-to-use and robust.

DURAN® laboratory bottle with DIN thread, GL 45, We use a wide variety of sizes within the range and the bottles are faultless. They are hard wearing, long lasting and have so many uses.

Duran is durable and recognised as a trusted brand.  We use them as they stand up to the rigours of laboratory testing

Duran GL45 bottle, amber, 250ml.
These bottles are used routinely in our laboratory for solution storage. They seal well and pour easily.

DURAN GL45 bottle
We use a range of different sizes of DURAN bottle in our lab. The range of sizes, and associated lids, make them our go to bottle.

Can't fault it - universally loved in the lab

This product is far more ergonomic than its predecessor and takes up less space when in use on HPLC's.

YOUTILITY bottles with screw cap - 1L  (VWR Cat# 215-4503)
Really good for better grip than standard bottles and take up less bench space also.

DURAN® GLS 80 bottle, clear, good

The  DURAN® ORIGINAL LABORATORY BOTTLE with Blue caps is the standard work-horse for our busy Microbiology Laboratory.  Our Antimicrobial Resistance microbiology group has 3 PIs and 28 members of staff, and the range of 100-1000ml bottles are in constant use for the thousands of litres of autoclaved broth and agar media we require to function weekly.  They last forever, their lids and pour rings stay intact year after year, with Mix - Autoclave - Cool - Heat - Pour -REPEAT daily cycle!

Original DURAN GL 45
Strong, chemically inert and useful when needing to heat up mobile phases in HPLC methods.

Borosilicate glass 3.3. DURAN®,  Gay-Lussac type 5 mL - like that they are individually engraved with the capacity, this would take so much longer if you had to do it yourself before testing.

Media making was a dull process until the Duran GLS 80 came into my life.  Its durable and solid, even in my clumsy gloved hands.  The wide neck provides me flexibility to decant into other vessels. Our lab wouldn't be without them.  

Duran™ 218814452
User friendly, easy to handle, anti-slip design. Appreciate the colour coded band. Solid reliable bottle.

Duran bottles are an essential piece of laboratory equipment.  We'd be unable to function without them!

The 500 mL Duran GL 45 bottles are the workhorse of our lab.  We use them for buffer prep, media making, feeds for our bioreactors, without them we don't know where we would be.  We love Duran bottles and know we can rely on their quality - we wouldn't buy any other brand.  

The 2 L Duran Bottles are necessary for those days when 1 L of buffer just isn't enough.  We really need to purchase more as these are the hot cakes of our lab - everybody wants them! We regularly use them for purification buffers, giving us the volume to run pumps overnight, allowing us time to sleep.  

DURAN YOUTILITY GL 45 bottle, clear. Safe grip, ideal ergonomically.

The 500 mL Duran baffled flasks are key to our lab work, the 500 mL baffled flasks provide up us with the perfect setting to culture our E. coli starter cultures ready to inoculate our bioreactors.  Without them we would be able to get our cultures going and produce recombinant proteins.  They provide the perfect setting for happy bacteria.  

In our labs we use Duran® super duty beaker of 150mL, 600mL and 1000mL capacities, they are strong, heat change resistant and easy to clean which make our job easier.

Very durable, often used in the laboratory on a day to day basis, one of the best feature is that the lids fit on any size bottles.

DURAN® GL 45 bottle, 5,000 ml.
Excellent for use with HPLC instrumentation, with clear graduations and tight seals. We also regularly autoclave stock in these bottles with no issues.

Screw cap GL 45, PP, 2 Port GL 14
We find these lids very useful in conjunction with the GL45 bottles. Handy for reducing losses when transferring liquid media.

Ideal for making up analytical stocks. Easy-to-read graduation and the lids are very nicely shaped!

The DURAN® GLS 80 bottle is basically an amazing bottle which can hold all sort of liquids (from basic to acids solutions) and it allows to pour without any drip making this bottle very safe to work.

In our laboratory we use Duran® graduated laboratory bottles without caps so that we can use different caps according to use.  These bottles are perfect for us to make diluents in and are autoclave safe.  We can easily see the volumes on the bottle no-matter which diluent we use and are easy to clean afterwards for re-use.
We use Caps for Duran® laboratory bottles alongside the Duran bottles to enable differentiation with the blue and red coloured lids for the different diluents that we prepare

Duran GL 45 5000 ml, Amber - Great! Strong, can take some rough handling, and the amber coating actually protects content as it should!

I love the versatility of the Duran bottles. I work in microbiology and use the 250 mL and 500 mL from everything to media preparation, agar pouring and their ability to use asceptically. Simply clean and rinse, autoclave and they are perfect to use.

I love the use of the 500 mL Duran bottles as they minimise the use of plastic which helps reduce the impact on the environment. Re-usable and recyclable.

Duran laboratory bottles are always great quality, I appreciate the versatility and longevity of the product. 

Great standard bottles, very versatile. Graduations always very clear, consistent and resistant to erosion. 

Use the 5 litre Duran's extensive for Mobile Phase Preparation, strong, sturdy and never any contamination issues from the bottles. Perfect for the Job.

We have a range of different sizes of BRAND® BLAUBRAND® (made by DURAN®) measuring cylinders which we prefer to use over other measuring cyclinders as they have a very sturdy base and are accurate.  They have easy pour spouts and are easy to clean.

Duran™ 247816107 Glass desiccator is an item we use in our laboratory. These desiccators are very good and spacious. They seal very well and keep samples and standards moisture free.

Duran GLS 45 bottle clear is a brilliant bottle. They last for years through 100s of dishwasher cycles and autoclave cycles. By far the best bottle you can buy. 

Great versatile wide neck bottles. Highly recommended

Duran bottles are of very high quality. They are extremely durable and have withstood autoclaving and wash cycles. They are reluctant to chip on the lip of the bottle compared to other competitor brands I have used. Measurement grading is easily visible and there is adequate space and a large labelling field. The GLS80 was really easy to use because of the wide neck which i found easier to pour or decant solutions into the bottle itself. I would recommend this bottle

Great value bottle for buffer preparation. 

Duran membrane caps for autoclaving. Great as people don't have to remember to loosen the lids and no chance for contamination.

Smart - DURAN YOUTILITY; We have just been trialling a new HPLC system and these duran's were provided with it. They are the first ones we have had in our lab and we are already seeing the benefit compared to our current duran's. The taller, slimmer shape allows a more efficient use of mobile phase and the glass suffers little damage/scratching over time. 

The Duran bottle is an excellent piece of essential lab stock. It is used on a daily basis to prepare various stocks and reagents. The durability has held up excellently and the seal is exceptional, even after being used in the autoclave many times. We own many of these bottles and for day-to-day use we could not be happier! It is an object that we normally overlook but do not realise the importance. Essential for any funtioning lab!

Duran GLS 45 bottle, clear
I have been using this bottle specification for many years. Marking and graduations are clear, bottle can tolerate minor bumping/knocks, autoclaving and the pouring rings (sold separate) make dispensing into agar plates easy. I have tried alternatives but performance of the Duran is superior.

Have been a long standing customer of VWR and I use the 1L duran bottles on a daily basis for media preparation. They are sturdy and have stood the test of time. 

DURAN® PURE bottles, 500ml, clear- highly durable under constant use, its easy to clean and to dry. has easy to read scale, large area to label.

They are brilliant, hard wearing and durable bottles, that can put up with any task needed.
Easy to clean and wash, as well as brilliant for autoclaving media. Clear approximate volume on the side as well as good lid thread so no leakages when stored. Wouldnt use any other bottle 

Duran GL 45 bottle clear
They are brilliant, hard wearing and durable bottles, that can put up with any task needed. Easy to clean and wash, as well as brilliant for autoclaving media. Clear approximate volume on the side as well as good lid thread so no leakages when stored. Wouldnt use any other bottle, the most used bottle in the labs

Duran 50ml GL 32 bottle, clear
The best small glass bottles in the business! We have a lot of small amount of media or buffers that need to be made, and they are perfect size and durablility compared to other smaller containers. We have duran bottles that have been with us years, even decades and they are still of high quality and perform the same as they did on day 1. brilliant brand of bottle - love the 50mL ones

DURAN® Original GL 45 Lab Bottles
The pillar of any lab, essential to get the job done!

DURAN® PTFE Coated GL 45 silicone septum for piercing, We find this product to be durable and long lasting. also as this fits with the GL45 range really useful and for us has many uses.

DURAN Measuring Cylinder with hexagonal base; We have several sizes within our lab and they are sturdy and versatile. we autoclave them also for our sterile work and have always faultless.

GL 45 screw cap with 2 hose connections; Having had to adapt a system for agar plate pouring these lids were great for connecting a bottle contain molten agar to a dispensing peristaltic pump. They were faultless and have been used many times.

Absolutely fantastic product and we expect long term use. 

I have used these bottles for years, from university to my career, and they are great value for money. We frequently use these in microbiology to autoclave media, and they are great for pouring agar too due to the rim. 

Great bottles, we use them every day in our lab. Very robust material and survive many cycles in the autoclave. Always reliable!!