Protective cleanroom clothing - reusable

Quantus® - an Optimal Garment System

Reusable cleanroom garments are an essential factor in protecting the product from particulate and microbiological contamination from humans in controlled environments. The specific fabrics also offer greater comfort to the user when wearing the garments. However, as our Quantus® range of reusable garments is not PPE certified according to the European PPE guideline 89/686/EWG, the decision for wearing reusable garments should follow an onsite risk analysis, and the garments should be worn in combination with additional protective apparel, such as appropriate sleeves and aprons, while handling hazardous materials.

With the Quantus® reusable garments range:

  • You will find suitable garments for any application - whether in a cleanroom, sterile room or controlled production environments
  • You will benefit from demonstrably outstanding technical and functional fabric characteristics
  • You will receive comprehensive documentation about the fabric and each piece of reusable cleanroom garment
  • All cleanroom classes are covered

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