Cooling & Heating Circulators

VWR refrigerated/heated circulators

Stainless steel circulating baths with choice of Advanced Programmable or Advanced Digital temperature controller. Variable speed pump with external circulation and temperature control capability. 

Huber cooling and heating thermostats, stainless steel, Ministats®

Compact dimensions enable Ministats® to be placed in the smallest of spaces. Mainly used for external applications, however, the bath opening also allows objects to be placed in a thermostat bath. 

Lauda cooling/heating circulation thermostats, thermoelectric, LOOP

The LOOP product range includes two thermo-electric circulation thermostats for external temperature control. Refrigerant-free temperature control with Peltier technology

Grant refrigerated/heating circulators, LT ecocool™ series

Eco-friendly, refrigerated/heating circulating baths with an intuitive user-interface. Ideal for external applications in pharmaceutical, educational, industrial and life science areas. 

Julabo refrigerated/heating circulators, CORIO™ CD-F series

The CORIO CD controller is an advanced unit with professional technology for demanding applications that can be used for temperature control of internal or external applications.