Controlled Environment Solutions

Avantor Controlled Environment Solutions

Cleanrooms and other controlled environments used for scientific research or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other electronic products require a host of specialised products. Avantor has the products and supplies you need to maintain cleanroom standards.

Controlled Environment Workflows

Avantor carries a comprehensive range of products to meet the specialised needs of facilities that require ultra-clean conditions for manufacturing and other processes. We offer controlled environment products from industry leading manufacturers to support biotechnology, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, semiconductor, medical devices, aerospace, automotive and other industries.


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Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices

Manufacturing facilities for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, and medical devices are controlled aseptic environments that meet stringent standards for cleanliness, air quality, airflow, temperature, humidity, and other measures.


Cleanrooms in surgical units, isolation rooms, burn units, and other areas are more common than ever as health systems work to reduce hospital-acquired infections, as well as control the spread of airborne particles and microorganisms.

Semiconductor and Microelectronics

Cleanrooms are critical to the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. Contamination is a major source of manufacturing issues and product failure, so static, particulate matter, outgassing, and other contaminants must be controlled.

Aerospace and Automotive

There is little room for error in aerospace and automotive assembly because a single defect can cause catastrophic failure. That’s why both industries must maintain controlled cleanroom environments for some manufacturing processes.