Cleanroom Wipes & Swabs

Contec offers an extensive line of cleanroom wipes designed to meet the requirements of some of the most critical environments in the world. Many different wipe substrates, edge technologies, configurations, and processing options for both sterile and non-sterile, dry and presaturated, knitted, nonwoven wipes and microfibre wipes. A range of swabs of different lengths, head sizes, and materials.

Featured Products

PROSAT® MBPP Wipes with 70% IPA (PS-911)

These wipes offer exceptional cleanliness and are saturated with a solution of 70% IPA or denatured ethanol and 30% deionized water. The wipes provide a uniform and consistent application of the solution to the surface. Also available sterile.

Anticon® MicroQuilt - Polyester & microfiber hybrid wipe

Anticon® MicroQuilt combines the cleanliness of a knitted polyester wipe with the sorbent capacity and particle pick-up of a microfiber wipe. It is the most sorbent and cleanest wipe Contec offers.

PROSAT® Knitted Polyester Low Endotoxin Wipes

PROSAT® Sterile Polynit Heatseal LE Wipes are made of 100% knitted polyester and presaturated with a blend of 70% IPA and WFI. Each lot is tested before release and low endotoxin certified to less than <1EU/wipe. Each pouch is individually bagged.

CONSTIX® Range of cleanroom swabs

CONSTIX® swabs offer a solution for most swab application challenges, with over thirty unique foam, polyester & cotton swabs available. Every swab has been designed with different lengths, head sizes, and materials to meet specific customer needs.

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