Chemical Innovations


VWR® HPLC solvents in returnable barrels-New Brochure

To reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste and health risks for the employees work. Discover our HPLC solvents in stainless steel returnable barrels.

1000 L containers

VWR® Solvents in 1000 L containers

Discover our new concept based on
1000 L IBC plastic or stainless steel Containers for R&D or big scale production.


VWR® HiPerSolv CHROMANORM® PFAS solvents

Complete VWR® range of high-purity solvents to be used in the PFAS environmental analysis.


New VWR® Bio based methanol GPR RECTAPUR®

With good quality, affordability, and availability, make our bio-Methanol an obvious choice for a sustainable future.

FOCUS: Organic Synthesis

Welcome to the FOCUS: Organic Synthesis magazine - a place to discover trends, advancements and innovations.

Merck Aquastar® reagents and standards for an accurate water determination

Complete range of reagents and standards for precise Karl Fischer titration results including many new reagents for coulometry

VWR® For Calibration - all VWR Chemical standards and CRMs for calibration

A wide range of high purity standards and Certified Reference Materials to calibrate all your equipment and validate your methods.

VWR® new standards for petrochemistry

More than 500 calibration standards and reference materials for petrochemistry! These standards are essential to control oils, lubricants, fuel, gasoline…  according to international norms such as ASTM or IP standard methods.  

VWR® osmolality standards - for perfect calibration of your equipment

A comprehensive range of osmolality standards as Certified Reference Materials (CRM) for the calibration of osmometers.

VWR® PESTINORM® Gas Chromatography (GC) Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)

VWR® PESTINORM® reference substances can be used for the characterisation of GC column properties, identification of unknown compounds, or validation of analytical methods for GC analysis.

VWR® - more HiperSolv CHROMANORM® LC-MS reagents

LC-MS methods are continually improving to offer better sensitivity to meet Today's demands. New grades (Methanol ULTRA plus), new UHPLC-MS Solvents  (Acetonitrile, Methanol and Water) and other "ready to use" mixes to cover all LC-MS applications

Microbiology solutions from Avantor. New VWR® HSG for microbiology now available

This new guide includes complete Avantor solutions for the microbiology workflow: From sample collection and cultivation to analysis and storage.