Chemical Innovations

VWR Chemicals: Anticipate the future with innovations

See all our recent product launches in this addendum catalogue brochure.

VWR Chemicals: New organic substances

Common organic substances available in different pack sizes to support you every day in organic synthesis and scale up.

VWR Chemicals - more HiperSolv CHROMANORM® LC-MS reagents

LC-MS methods are continually improving to offer better sensitivity to meet today’s demands. New grades (Methanol ULTRA plus), new solvents (n-Hexane and n-Heptane) and many other ready to use' mixes to cover all LC-MS applications.

VWR Chemicals - more choice of PESTINORM® SUPRA TRACE solvents for GC

For gas chromatography - a complete, universal, high purity solvent range for complex analysis and sensitive detection methods (GC-MS), including our new Dichloromethane and n-Hexane for MOSH/MOAH analysis.

VWR Chemicals - ion-pair reagent range extension

For HPLC gradient elution, a complete range of ion-pair reagents which exhibit minimal extinction in the low UV region, and excellent transparency down to 200 nm, even at high concentrations.

VWR Chemicals - new Sulphuric acid 65% (SO3)

If you need this very corrosive Sulphuric acid, we 're able to offer it in special safe packaging.

VWR Chemicals - new AQUARESIST WB bath protector

A ready to use liquid which does not fall under the European Biocide Regulations. Designed to stabilise and protect water baths, cooling circuits, water circuits and incubators.

Merck Supelco®

VWR now distributes all Merck Supelco® products. Discover these new standards here!

Merck's connected by innovation brochure!

Are you aware of Merck's latest product introductions? Find more efficient ways of doing your research with this brochure.

Merck M-Clarity™ Program

Merck's M-Clarity™ program defines product quality levels and improves product and service transparency throughout the portfolio.

Merck new solutions for titration

Make your titration with Mettler Toledo instrument more secure with these SmartChemicals with RFID label.

NEW UHPLC-MS LiChrosolv® solvents from Merck

Merck's new high-end UHPLC-MS solvents were developed specifically to exceed your expectations for UHPLC-MS applications.