Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaners

The suction capacity
Optimal suction power of cleanroom vacuums is achieved through perfect interplay of motor, air flow through the devices and the position of the efficient, vertical filter bag. The suction power is regulated in two speed levels. Suction capacity of over 40 litres per second confirms the perfect interplay of motor and fan at a low noise level.

The most important parameter of the cleanroom vacuums is the collection of ultra fine particles or residues generated from the recovered materials, contaminants or/and from the motor.

ULPA filter - efficiency: 99.999% on particles as small as 0.12 µm (Ultra Low Penetration Air)

HEPA filter - efficiency: 99.999% on particles as small as 0.3 µm (High Efficiency Particulate Air)

We use the high performance ULPA filter for the cleanroom models. Due to the speed level, the ULPA filter becomes, at the highest suction level, a HEPA filter.

The filtration (4- or 5-stage) and the filter position are model dependent.

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