basan Services

Logistic Services

basan ensures the permanent availability of the defined cleanroom consumables and additionally assumes all administrative and logistic functions according to your cleanroom requirements.

Custom Packaging & Irradiation Services

In ISO 5 and ISO 7 cleanrooms certified to ISO 14644-1 we handle and customise products, complying with the highest standards to meet your special requirements.

Training of Cleanroom Personnel

The qualification of your personnel is a significant factor in quality assurance of the production process.

Decontamination and Leasing of Cleanroom Garments

One-stop shop for garments and leasing service, for certainty about the cleanroom capability of your garments at all times.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Hygiene Plans

For optimisation of the range and the composition of cleaning agents and disinfectant in your cleanroom.

Wipe and Glove Plans

Optimisation and reduction of the product range which you use. We support you in the choice of suitable gloves and wipes for your cleanroom applications.

Gowning Room Concepts

We support you in the planning and advise you in terms of design for the (re)construction of your personnel air-lock.

Change Notification Service

VWR Change Notification Service for a high level of process security in daily production routine.