Production magazine 2023-24

Flip through this publication and read about trends & expert advice for highly demanding applications in your controlled environments also safety for your people and processes.

Controlled Environments Workflow Solutions at a glance

Avantor is your reliable partner for your cleanroom applications. Get an overview of our solutions for your applications.

Broad range of ESD control solutions from our new supplier DESCO

Variety of mats, flooring, personnel grounding accessories, bags, ionisers, bins, tapes for your high demanding applications. Made using quality materials.

Halyard sterile and non-sterile nitrile cleanroom gloves

High quality range that comprises of 5 styles suitable for demanding requirements in semiconductor, Pharma, Biopharma production facilities.

DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® sterile range

Tyvek® IsoClean® sterile garments and single-use accessories offer an ideal balance of cleanliness, protection, durability and comfort.

Texwipe sterile Cleanroom wipes made in NL

Texwipe® sterile TechniSat® and sterile PolySat® are now manufactured in NL. This secures the supply chain for EU customers and reduces the CO2 footprint.

Are you looking for a hygienic design in your cleanroom

A comprehensive range of long lasting stainless steel cleanroom furniture. The easy clean design reduces risk and saves time cleaning down.

Different styles of VWR cleanroom facemasks

Find the right face protection that provides high performance and comfort for your high demanding processes.

VWR pure comfort launderable or disposable cleanroom socks

The revised Annex 1 contains additions in section 7.13 for a stronger focus on contamination control that refer to socks. Available with ESD properties.

VWR® PureStep EnviroTack™, Multi-layer adhesive floor mats

These environmentally friendly mats are made using GMO-free, renewable, plant-based material, recyclable. Antimicrobial for use not only in cleanrooms.

Find the right cleanroom gloves for your application

Wide range of sterile and non-sterile nitrile cleanroom gloves for a reliable, durable and comfortable protection of your employees and processes.

VWR® Intelligent Sole Cleaning Machine (ISCM)

No need for tacky mats or shoe covers, the ISCM cleans your soles in 4 seconds. High quality 316 stainless steel construction, service life up to 8 years.

Contec ReFIBETM - cleanroom wipes made from recycled plastic water bottles!

New! 100% knitted standard weight polyester wipes, with heat sealed edges, made from recycled bottles. Each pack saves 35 bottles from going to waste.