Equipment for contamination control

In cleanrooms and controlled environments it is essential to minimise the risks of contamination for sensitive products and for the personnel.

Contamination control as well as the control of unacceptable changes in the environment (humidity, temperature, air-flow) requires the highest standard of diligence.

Laminar Flow Units

Allows to achieve cleanroom conditions in smallest area.

Wet Processing Equipment

Wet processing equipment primarily for work with liquid materials that give off harmful and toxic fumes.

Dry Storage Systems

For the storage of moisture sensitive components or components which have to be protected from particles.

Airborne Disinfection

Avoids the harassing work of manually disinfecting all surfaces in one or multiple cleanrooms. Reduces the inherent risk of human error and is equally efficient on hard-to-reach areas.

Humidity Instruments

For calibration of humidity sensors, transmitters and portable devices.

Silicone Tubing

Wide variety of platinum cured tubing products manufactured to the highest quality and certification standards.

Temperature Monitoring

Permanent wireless temperature monitoring of critical values in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Sole Cleaning Machine

To reduce contaminants that are present on shoes before entering cleanrooms or controlled production areas.