Centrifuge Repair and Service

Brand-Independent, Highest Standard, Competence

VWR offers all services needed during the life cycle of your centrifuge including:

  • Installation
  • Preventive maintenance & repair
  • Calibration
  • Qualification
  • Electrical safety test & rotor check
  • Replacement


  • All services from one partner
  • Expertise on all brands & models
  • Technicians trained & certified by major manufacturers
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Detailed technician-signed report

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To ensure a safe working environment and the best performance of all your centrifuges, we offer simple and clear contracts that cover all tasks for proper maintenance, calibration and qualification.

We perform the centrifuge services according to our high standard procedures or, if required, following any other procedure. Depending on customers' requests, services can be performed at customer site or in our fully equipped workshops.

We have an extensive knowledge on all kind of centrifuges and we offer a fast, efficient and competitive service that will meet all your needs. VWR provides a unique combination of service and support for all your centrifuges.