Antibiotics & Antimycotics

Antibiotics and Antimycotics

Antibiotics and Antimycotics are a type of antimicrobial drug used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections. They may either kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

In science, antibiotics and antimycotics are mostly used in cell culture. They are used to select for a specific type of cells, either when cultivating mammal cells to exclude bacteria or when selecting for genetically modified cells which carry a resistance gene.

PanReac AppliChem antibiotics and antimycotics can be used for small assays and larger scale applications. Here, you can find a selection of the most commonly used products from this range.

Ensure reproducibility for your cell culture or microbiology experiments with PanReac AppliChem antibiotics and antimycotics.


List of selected antibiotics:

Product No. Description Target
of action


Amphotericin B

fungi, yeast

binds to sterols with planar structure and impairs with membrane permeability

0.25 µg/ml
>3 µg/ml fungicidal

30-40 mg/ml in DMSO


Blasticidin S hydrochloride

Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes

inhibits protein biosynthesis by preventing the formation of the peptide bond

3-100 µg/ml

50 mg/ml in H2O or buffer store at +4°C - -20°C


Carbenicillin disodium salt

gram negative germs, enterococci

inhibits cell wall synthesis (transpeptidase) in growing bacteria

20-60 µg/ml

50 mg/ml in H2O/MeOH 1:1 store at -20°C


Cycloheximide (Actidion)

fungi, eukaryotes

binds to 80 S ribosome in eukaryotic cells; inhibits formation of peptide bond

10 µg/ml

10 mg/ml


Gentamycin sulfate

gram positive/ negative germs

inhibits protein synthesis by binding to the L6 protein of the 50 S ribosomal subunit

15-50 µg/ml

10-20 mg/ml in water, formamide


Hygromycin B - Solution


10-400 µg/ml

ca. 41 mg/ml in H2O; store at -20°C

A1493 & A4789

Kanamycin sulfate & Kanamycin Sulfate (Ph. Eur., BP) pure, pharma rade

gram positive/
negative cocci & bacteria

inhibits protein synthesis (translocation)

10-100 µg/ml

10 mg/ml in H2O
store at -20°C


Polymyxin B sulfate

gram negative bacteria - non- proliferating germs too

interaction with phospholipid components of the bact. cell membrane; changes permeability of the membrane and causes efflux of essential plasma compounds

50 µg/ml

25 mg/ml H2O, MeOH


Vancomycin hydrochloride

bacteriostatic and bacterizide against gram positive cocci and bacteria

amphoteric glyopeptide antibiotic; binds to bacterial cell wall precursors (peptidoglycans)

1-25 µg/ml

soluble in water ›100 mg/ml

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