Vacuum filtration units, Rapid-Flow™ filters MF 75, Nalgene®
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Thermo Scientific
Hydrophilic PES membrane, PS graduated housing, sterile
Ideal for biological and pharmaceutical sterilisation requirements. Universal tissue culture membrane with lowest protein binding and extractables. Rapid-Flow™ filters with 0,2 µm PES membranes are STEM CELL TESTED.
  • 0,1 µm filters guard against mycoplasma contamination
  • 0,2 µm filters remove all bacteria, ideal for sterilisation
  • 0,45 µm filters for particle removal and fluid clarification
  • 90 mm diameter filters provide large surface area for serum and other hard to filter solutions
  • The new multi-column design of the membrane support delivers uniformity and consistency. The Rapid-Flow™ membrane support coupled with the PES membranes offers fast flow rates and higher throughput

DescriptionCapacityPore sizeMembrane ØPkCat. No.PriceQuantity
Complete unit115 ml0,2 µm50 mm12514-0023£94.40
Complete unit150 ml0,1 µm50 mm12514-0612£115.00
Complete unit150 ml0,2 µm50 mm12514-0024£122.00
Complete unit150 ml0,45 µm50 mm12734-5033£129.00
Complete unit250 ml0,1 µm50 mm12514-0614£129.00
Complete unit250 ml0,2 µm50 mm12514-0027£136.00
Complete unit500 ml0,1 µm75 mm12514-0613£212.00
Complete unit500 ml0,2 µm75 mm12514-0025£218.00
Complete unit500 ml0,45 µm75 mm12734-5035£232.00
Complete unit500 ml0,2 µm90 mm12514-0028£261.00
Complete unit500 ml0,45 µm90 mm12734-5041£275.00
Complete unit1000 ml0,1 µm90 mm12514-0378£296.00
Complete unit1000 ml0,2 µm90 mm12514-0026£279.00
Complete unit1000 ml0,45 µm90 mm12734-5037£294.00
Top filter for 33 mm neck150 ml0,2 µm50 mm12514-0031£90.60
Top filter for 45 mm neck150 ml0,2 µm50 mm12514-0032£90.60
Top filter for 33 mm neck500 ml0,2 µm75 mm12514-0029£127.00
Top filter for 45 mm neck500 ml0,2 µm75 mm12514-0030£127.00
Top filter for 33 mm neck1000 ml0,2 µm90 mm12514-0033£246.00
Top filter for 45 mm neck1000 ml0,2 µm90 mm12514-0034£246.00