BD Falcon™ round bottomed test tubes
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BD Biosciences
For reliable containment of laboratory fluid samples.
PP tubes: For applications requiring greater thermal and chemical stability
PS tubes: For procedures requiring high optical clarity
  • Widely used and referenced in laboratory protocols
  • Dual-position snap caps with heavier gauge walls provide a secure, positive seal
  • Specialised tube for flow cytometry applications
  • Cell strainer cap tube has a 35 µm cell strainer mesh incorporated into cap

LengthØ ext.CapacityMaterialPackedDescriptionCapSterilePkCat. No.PriceQuantity
100 mm13 mm8 mlPS125/pk-screw cap+1.000734-0439£239.00
100 mm17 mm14 mlPSindividually wrapped-Snap-cap+500734-0435£101.00
100 mm17 mm14 mlPS25/pk-Snap-cap+500734-0444£78.50
100 mm17 mm14 mlPS125/pk-without cap+1.000734-0989£103.00
100 mm17 mm14 mlPPindividually wrapped-Snap-cap+500734-0438£113.00
100 mm17 mm14 mlPP25/pk-Snap-cap+500734-0446£82.80
100 mm17 mm14 mlPP125/pk-without cap+1.000734-0985£126.00
125 mm16 mm16 mlPSindividually wrapped-screw cap+500734-0440£145.00
125 mm16 mm16 mlPS125/pk-screw cap+1.000734-0986£277.00
150 mm16 mm19 mlPSindividually wrapped-screw cap+500734-0441£151.00
75 mm12 mm5 mlPSindividually wrapped-Snap-cap+500734-0436£98.40
75 mm12 mm5 mlPS25/pk-Snap-cap+500734-0445£78.50
75 mm12 mm5 mlPS125/pk-Snap-cap+1.000734-0443£143.00
75 mm12 mm5 mlPS125/pk-without cap+1.000734-0442£102.00
75 mm12 mm5 mlPS1000/pk-without cap-1.000734-0000£63.00
75 mm12 mm5 mlPS25/pkfor flow cytometryCell strainer cap+500734-0001£395.00
75 mm12 mm5 mlPP25/pk-Snap-cap+500734-0447£82.00
75 mm12 mm5 mlPP125/pk-without cap+1.000525-0123£126.00
75 mm12 mm5 mlPP1000/pk-without cap-1.000391-0000£60.40