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The Whatman BugStopper is unique - a reusable closure manufactured from biosafe silicone which provides a sterile vent for culture vessels. This prevents bacteria or viruses entering or leaving the vessel while allowing the free passage of air and gases. BugStopper is available in two sizes and used by simply pushing onto culture flasks from 125ml to 2.5 litres in size. It can be autoclaved in situ, so retaining the integrity of the sample. The silicone wall of the smaller BugStopper can be pierced by a needle allowing samples to be inserted or for gas infusion.

Ultra Good

VWR International is pleased to offer the extremely successful Vivascience range of ultrafiltration products which provide end users with many benefits over similar technologies on the market. These include faster processing times, higher or equivalent recovery of the target protein, ease of use and ultra-competitive prices.

For more information on Vivascience's centrifugal, pressure-fugation, solvent absorption and tangential flow ultrafiltration devices, please phone our literature request line on 01202 664421 or email

Vivaspin 20 - Ultra Fast

Vivaspin 20 is a centrifugal concentrator capable of processing 20 ml samples in swing bucket centrifuges or 14 ml when used in 25° fixed angle rotors.

The product features twin, vertical PES membranes giving unparalleled filtration speeds and 100 x concentrations. Vivaspin 20 can be pressurised up to 5 bar prior to centrifugation for even faster processing. "Pressure-fugation" is particularly suitable for difficult or viscous samples, such as serum, or when using a low process temperature which reduces filtration speed.

The attachment of an accessory diafiltration cup containing buffer solution allows Vivaspin 20 to be used in a single step centrifugal desalting process. As solvent in the sample passes through the membrane it is continuously replaced by fresh buffer solution from the accessory cup to give 98% salt removal.

Other products in Vivascience's range of centrifugal concentrators include:

Vivaspin 500 (100-600 µl samples)
Vivaspin 2 (2 ml samples)
Vivaspin 6 (6 ml samples)
Vivacell 70 (70 ml samples)

Order Details for Vivaspin 20

Catalogue No. MWCO. Pack Qty
234/3006/00 5k 12
234/3006/02 5k 48
234/3006/04 10k 12
234/3006/06 10k 48
234/3006/08 30k 12
234/3006/10 30k 48
234/3006/12 50k 12
234/3006/14 50k 48
234/3006/16 100k 12
234/3006/18 100k 48
234/3006/20 0.2 µm 12
234/3006/22 0.2 µm 48
234/3006/30 Start pack
(2 of each, 5k to 100k


Catalogue No. MWCO. Pack Qty
234/3006/40 Diafiltration cup 12
234/3006/42 Vivaspin 20 Pressure Head 1
234/3006/44 Air Pressure Controller (APC) 1
234/3006/46 Charge Valve for Pressure Head 1
234/3006/48 Female Coupling 1
234/3006/50 Male Tube Coupling 1
234/3006/52 4 mm OD Pressure Tube (3m) 1

Sartolab Filter Units

The Sartolab 'P20' and 'P20 plus' are ready-to-use pressure filtration units which, when attached to a peristaltic pump, can filter up to 5 litres of media and aqueous solutions.

A 0.2 µm low adsorption cellulose acetate membrane allows fast flow rates. These flow rates are further enhanced in the Sartolab 'P20 plus' unit which contains a supplementary glass fibre pre-filter. Any trapped air bubbles automatically escape through one of the eight PTFE-membrane protected vent ports ensuring that the whole filter surface is utilised during filtration.

Sartolab P20

Catalogue No. MWCO. Pack Qty
234/2008/02 With hose nipple inlet. Pk 10
234/2008/03 With female luer lock inlet. Pk 10

Sartolab P20 plus

Catalogue No. MWCO. Pack Qty
234/2008/04 With hose nipple inlet. Pk 10
234/2008/05 With female luer lock inlet. Pk 10


Solid Phase Extraction in the Multiwell Format

Whatman has developed an outstanding range of devices for Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) applications in the multiwell format. These 96 well plates are either packed with a choice of media or contain a glass microfibre filter impregnated with C18 silica. An inert membrane support forms an integral part of the reinforced plate body and base plate and allows high flow rates under vacuum or centrifugation. Each well is individually sealed with a macroporous frit on the top of the resin bed.

SPE Bioplates contain Whatman chromatography media that have proven performance characteristics and are optimised for function in the application areas of:

Reverse phase - C18, GFM C18, C8 and C4
Reverse phase - phenyl
Ion exchange - strong and weak anion and cation exchangers
Polar/normal phase - silica/cyano

The plates are produced from chemically resistant polypropylene and have low binding and leaching characteristics. Each well features a long drip director to enable the filtrate to be accurately dispensed into a collection plate without cross contamination or loss of sample. SPE Bioplates conform to SBS standards and have a standard footprint for use with automated systems.

For further information please contact our literature request line on 01202 664421 (voicemail) or email


The Nytran SuPerCharge TurboBlotter from Schleicher & Schuell is a completely reusable blotting device capable of generating high resolution transfers of DNA and RNA in only one hour. Easy to assemble and compatible with a range of gel sizes up to 20 x 25cm, the unique TurboBlotter is very economical in its use of paper and buffer.

Each TurboBlotter kit comprises the transfer device itself plus five sheets of Nytran nylon membrane and appropriate blotting papers and wicks.

For further information please contact our literature request line on 01202 664421 (voicemail) or email

Vivacell 250

The Vivacell 250 is a new concept for the rapid, pressurised concentration of biological samples up to 250ml which offers numerous advantages when compared to stirred cells. Set up of the equipment takes a matter of seconds and, for simplicity, the product can be employed free standing on a bench top or in a refrigerator. For the fastest results Vivacell 250 can be used on a laboratory shaker where its gentle vortex action reduces the shear effects often seen with stirred mechanisms.

For more information on Vivascience's centrifugal, pressure-fugation, solvent absorption and tangential flow ultrafiltration devices, please contact our literature request line on 01202 664421 (voicemail) or email

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